Sunday, 28 April 2013

A point and a half - the orthodox Catholic's aperitif

This is a drink that places Campari and Martini (the wet version) in the shade.

It is not for the faint hearted. 

Those of a nervous disposition may drink it with slices of orange and lots of soda water.

Real Catholics drink it neat, with a great deal of ice. Before a meal.

It is, of course, a vermouth. Made with fortified wine and a secret selection of aromatic herbs. It may even do you good physically.

It certainly does you good mentally. But only one. Or maybe two at most.

Punt e Mes - a Point and a Half; an enigmatic name that I will leave you to ponder over.

My point (and a half) is, that this is an excellent drink, an extraordinary drink.

As the EF Mass is to the OF, so Punt e Mes is to Cinzano or Campari.

You did see the allegory rearing its ugly head way back, did you not?

But it's true.

After drinking a Punt e Mes your appetite will be honed so that you can eat a 24 ounce Steak Florentine, blue!

This post was inspired by the Whiskey Catholic blog.
A most excellent series of posts on Catholicism and, er, whisky (and the Eireannach version, whiskey).

It is a good, healthy (and Catholic thing) to enjoy, in moderation, all good things that the Almighty has placed within our reach.

It is anathema to the puritans and this world is becoming, by the minute, more prudish and puritanical.

So here's to Punt e Mes........Salute!


  1. Love Punt e Mes and Campari, although I have not had the former for years.

    Sigh, going into Tyburn where there is no alcohol will be yet another little thing to give up. Even St. Bernard allowed beer. However, the women's orders are stricter than the men's.

    But, a nice reminder of happy days of yore-thanks for the memory! Salute with water!

  2. STM - oh no, does this mean no more Ethelreda's Place? Please come back soon, prayers on your behalf. Richard