Monday, 10 October 2011

The terrible damage done by V2

The aftermath of V2 - a world in ruins!

Yes, the VII German rockets caused immense damage to the structure of society falling on the cities of Great Britain in the last months of the Second World War. Legend has it that I was born in the middle of a V2 raid, my poor mother unable to take to the air raid shelter in the garden stayed in the house.

And then I had to suffer another V2 later in my life!


  1. @Richard Collins

    I was born in Deptford in 1956, my local environment was the bombsites, and rubbish dumps, that had been created by Hitler's Blitz on London's Docklands, etc.

    The VII German rockets were as you say a late addition to this DEATH FROM THE SKY nightmare, but the victors of World War II were only too willing to employ the services of the Nazi scientists who created the VII, so that they could develop rocket technology for use in their own post-war space & ballistic missile programmes.

    The science obtained by Josef Mengele aka the Angel of Death, and his SS colleagues from human experiments on camp inmates, including children, in places like the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau also became the 'property' of the victors of WWII.

    Blessed Titus Brandsma pray for us in post-VII times!

  2. The devil plans allsorts. I know. Believe me, he talks to me. More of a taunt actually.

    God declares. Then it happens. Evil hurts. Pain hurts. Toothache hurts(I've got toothache, talk about a distracter).

    Nevertheless. God declares. He's building a Kingdom. And you, reader, are one of His building blocks. Yes. You.

  3. Richard Collins! Sometimes you annoy me. I have just re-read this post and see that you are separating yourself, again, from Vat 11.You just cast your mind back, you had a guitar, if it wasn't for your better half, you might have become a er, er, no, never a liberal, but a folk mass type-ish sort.

    Stop, acknowledge you were born within this time frame. Love it/them/us/you/me and make a difference.

    Gotta be formed in love though. Nowt else will withstand the ultimate test Richard. No matter how eloquently put.

    No-one that you have ever loved, has died in vain. They all still speak. Legacies last.
    Formed in sacrificial love Richard.

  4. I believe "boom boom" (despite that itself being a terrible play on words and sounds) is the most fitting response I can make to this.

    Rather that than a blasted clap-hands Gloria, though, anyway.

  5. I could never get how one could hold the hymn book and clap at the same time. It was alright for me, had a music stand and didn't have to clap because I was playing the guitar, I just beat the clap part really loud at the given place.
    I like the Hebridian Gloria better and would orchestrate that one to be used whenever possible.