Friday, 28 October 2011

Help! we are under attack (again)

You will have seen (on both sides of the pond) how we are under fire for professing to be Catholic.

No visible signs of our faith, no literature regarding our faith, no mention of our faith, no spiritual aid to those in need, no prayers, no Christ, no means of salvation......that's according to those in authority over us, the Government, our employers, the private and the public sector.

         "Finding the right work is like discovering your own soul in the world"

The Thomas More Legal Centre provides help to those who are brave enough to stand up for their beliefs and to be "dry" martyrs for Christ.

They need funds to support the massive increase in their workload as a result of the growth of secular beliefs (and Islamic ones) in our society.....

.....the following is a case in point..if you can help with cash...all well and good, if not, pray like mad!

Subject: Help defend Catholic freedom of speech

Dear Friends,

Please see the announcement below which will be covered by the
Catholic press this week.

In brief, a Catholic mental health nurse has lost her job because, in
a professional discussion with a colleague, she made available a
booklet providing case histories of the mental health consequences of
abortion. The booklet was deemed to be 'religious' and she was
dismissed for 'distributing materials which some might find offensive.

The nurse's case is being supported at an Employment Tribunal by the
Thomas More Legal Centre, of which I am the Chairman; it will be
heard on 15th November. We also intend to bring a case in the County
Court arguing a breach of her right to freedom of expression under
Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

This is not an isolated problem. An unrelated case reported last week
concerned a man demoted for saying on his facebook page that he
thought new laws allowing civil partnerships on religious  premises
were 'an equality too far'. His public sector employer deemed this a
breach of their diversity policies and moved him as a disciplinary
measure from a  £37k post to one earning £21k per annum.

If we do not take action, and establish some legal judgements setting
precedents, the ability to express any Catholic moral view will
effectively become unlawful.

Please help if you can, either by making a donation, or by offering a
pledge against the need to meet any legal costs that might be awarded
against us if we fail. Please forward this message to as many people
as you think may be interested in helping, and please put it on any
blogs you may be running. Please pray for our success.

With many thanks,

Richard Kornicki
Chairman, Thomas More Legal Centre
Reg. Charity No.1121184

Donations to: Thomas More Legal Centre

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