Monday, 24 October 2011

The Seddon Deadly Sins

Yep, watch out New Holland, I am heading your way, well, next March to be precise. We (Mrs L and me) will be staying in Belgravia with our son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters.

The flights are booked, the bank manager is in intensive care and I am busy brushing off my scout hat and burning my corks so that I will blend in well with the locals.

I love Australia and look forward to attending EF Masses as celebrated in the Melbourne Diocese so very sensibly in parishes shared with OF priests.
It is FSSP country and we shall be there for Easter so, hopefully, a triduum is in view...we shall see.

Maybe..even...a trans world blognic? Who knows? We shall be staying in the Melbourne suburb of Seddon aka Belgravia.
And, certainly I shall pay this little bistro a visit. It's name is a real's called...wait for it!

THE SEDDON DEADLY SINS! - Ripper, as they allegedly say.


  1. And remember: Melbourne is pronounced "Mel-bun"!

  2. Tony, thank you, I've been trying for a witty riposte but they all come out as being impolite. So I shall just say "How-ston to ground control".....