Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Smacking to become illegal in Wales - but go ahead and have an abortion

Is it a giant magic mushroom?
Or a nuclear explosion?
No, it's the Welsh Assembly version of
The Houses of Parliament!

Today's latest nonsense from the Welsh Assembly Government is a vote to introduce a law banning the smacking of children in Wales.
This follows on closely from yesterday's move to make it illegal to have body piercings below the age of sixteen whilst abortions may be carried out virtually regardless of age.

Now I am not advocating smacking one's child but I do believe that this sort of decision should be left in the hands of the parents rather than a bunch of, well you know what they are!
Equally, I abhor body piercings but, again, do not believe that legislation is a means of effective action. Lawmaking should be done with regard to public safety, national security, protection of goods and property and so on.

It should not involve itself with the colour of a woman's lipstick or the side a man parts his hair - that must be determined by the individual.

The hypocrisy is, of course, that young girls are being influenced and counselled into having abortions whilst the Assembly worries about how many piercings they have or whether they were smacked last night.

The people of Wales deserve much better than their current government. Much better.


  1. So you can't smack a girl in Wales, but if you rape her (esp if consensual but under age of consent) the State will sort out the consequences with no questions asked (and without even letting her parents know).

  2. It's a carved out wooden mushroom in scandinavian light pine.

  3. Richard,
    Unbelievable-you couldn't make it up!


  4. Smirk declares that the Welsh Assembly is a prodigious psilocybin mushroom, and is on his way there.

    Should be fun.


  5. Smirk will set it alight and smoke it!

  6. "The people of Wales deserve much better than their current government. Much better"
    Yeah, and england, and Spain, and Oz and..
    But perhaps not
    The thought that we have, perhaps,much much less even than what we so richly deserve often occurs to me.
    The blood of innocents by the tens of millions since the sisties calls to heaven, the sheer open blasphemy...twa things alone were nough..