Monday, 31 October 2011

Mr Barber, please close the door on the way out!

Picture: Caritas in Veritate

There's no easy way to say this but, in the aftermath of the Cardinal Vaughan School battle (and victory) to retain their identity and autonomy and the great appointment of Mr Paul Stubbings as the new Head, why is Paul Barber, Director of Education for Westminster Diocese still a School Governor?

He needs to move on in order to give Mr Stubbings a clean canvas upon which to work his skills. It just is not fair for one who opposed so much and who advised Archbishop Nichols in this affair, to remain on the Board...he must go...tout suite!...right away!

For Mr Barber's own sake also, he needs to go; he is now the spectre at the feast and he cannot possibly hope to function well or be at ease as a Board Member under these circumstances.

So here is a note of farewell, from...who else?

A Barbershop Quartet!.....Goodbye world, Goodbye......


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