Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Strep crep et frag....

You need to be an Ogden Nash fan to understand that heading, what I really mean is -  here are a few odd ramblings.....

Can an atheist get insurance against 'acts of God?'

There are 3 religious truths:

Jews do not recognise Jesus Christ as the Messiah
Protestants do not recognise the Pope as head of the Christian faith
Baptists and Methodists do not recognise each other in the off licence (liquor store)

...and for the queries file.....

When did the Protestant Church canonise a saint?


Is the New Mass translation available in the Adamawa or Hiri Moto languages - Latin was just so inclusive wasn't it?

And.....recognise this language?...and the prayer?... first correct answer gets the LOTH Award for Obscure Knowledge...

Avvon d-bish-maiya, nith-qaddash shim-mukh.
Tih-teh mal-chootukh. Nih-weh çiw-yanukh:
ei-chana d'bish-maiya: ap b'ar-ah.
Haw lan lakh-ma d'soonqa-nan yoo-mana.
O'shwooq lan kho-bein:
ei-chana d'ap kh'nan shwiq-qan l'khaya-ween.
Oo'la te-ellan l'niss-yoona:
il-la paç-çan min beesha.
Mid-til de-di-lukh hai mal-choota
oo khai-la oo tush-bookh-ta
l'alam al-mein. Aa-meen.


  1. It did not take Liz Mckernan long to come up with the correct answer, here is what she says:

    "I think it is the Pater Noster probably in a language of the South Seas? The rhythm and length of the lines seems to indicate this! In Lourdes this year the theme for the year was the Our Father and there were numerous posters showing it in every conceivable language".

    But it was not in a South Seas language...any ideas?

  2. I think it's the original language, as Jesus spoke it. Would that be Aramaic or Galilieean(spelling, sorry).

  3. Well done Mary...right on the button!

  4. "When did the Protestant Church canonise a saint?"

    Wow! Never thought of it like that before Richard. What a good point! Did they, ever?

  5. I almost figured it to be 'Quenya' but then Google corrected me- Galilean! Amazing contraption...that Google.

    Can an atheist get insurance against 'acts of God?'

    hmmm...I thought they changed it to 'acts of nature' to make it more inclusive of God-deniers.