Monday, 17 October 2011

If you were a car what sort of a car would you be?

Maybe a charismatic car?..............

Hmm.....not good at holding the road and
high on fuel consumption

Or a modernist car?.....
Styling stuck in the 1960s and poor acceleration.
Limited vision means that
it cannot see other cars on the road
(or the road itself)

How about an ultramontanist car?.......

Excellent vision and all round performance,
combines the best elements of engineering
with state of the art technology

There's a lot to be said for an SSPX model......

Pretty safe model that can shrug off
any scrapes with other road users
but now has a rarity value

You could try the Sedevacantist car....if you enjoy being cramped up....

Trouble is, no seats! Also lacking one wheel
as well as other vital components

But there is certainly something about a traditional model...

Guaranteed to get you to your destination
safely and comfortably. It combines
all that is traditional with cutting edge
precision and quality - extraordinary vehicle!