Wednesday, 5 October 2011

If you want a good read...look no further!

My old friend, John Bevan of Catholic Books has sent me his latest catalogue of treasures (of course, online is good but a catalogue that you may hold in your hand and drool over is quite another matter).

John will be well known to many of you. He is the eldest of the legendary Bevan family (Bevan Family Choir) and has 14 siblings. He specialises in rare and unusual Catholic literature.
He once told me that, so very often, when he is invited to view a Convent or religious house that is selling off  its books, there would be gaps in the bookshelves and, upon enquiry he would be told: "Those were the old traditional volumes, we've burnt those". Shame on anyone who would burn a Catholic book!

Many of John's customers come from the USA and, whilst it is sad to see rare books disappearing overseas, we only have ourselves to blame; at least they will be well cared for.

So, if a copy of what is intriguingly titled  "What Jesus saw from the Cross" appeals to you at a mere £8.50 or, if you are feeling a little more flush and would like a copy of Fr Guy Tachard's account of travels in Siam (Thailand) at a trifling £1800 - pay John a visit (by appointment only) or, request  a catalogue :

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