Wednesday, 30 May 2012

"Just a Minute" the radio panel show that used to be for all the family

Driving back from the East of England on Monday evening I listened to Radio Four's "Just a Minute" show, hosted by Nicholas Parsons.
For those unfamiliar with the programme, the panel of four guests are given a topic to speak about for one minute without deviation, hesitation or digression. So far so good. It is normally quite entertaining (a lecture on the development of scart plugs would be entertaining if you were driving back from Peterborough) and it normally carries a few slightly risque asides that can be amusing.

But Monday night's panel included one, Julian Clary, a man who professes to be a homosexual and appears on many shows dressed up as a woman (it is about here that I begin to get confused by the whole LGBT thing).

Real men don't discuss such they?
OK.........not my cup of Lapsang but I am, as the few readers of this blog know, a very mild and even tempered chap......hmm....

Sadly, Clary went several steps beyond the acceptable.
He began by describing either a real or an imaginary night out with a male friend.
 I will leave it there, please believe me it was not the sort of stuff you would wish for your mother to hear, or your children for that matter and I am not so sure I would wish for the family dog to hear it.

I am not going to quote what he went on to say (you can listen to it online I believe) but he did go on to speak in salacious and obscene double entendres, referring to fairly fundamental parts of the human anatomy.

Not only was this not nice, it was dirty and shabby.

I cannot imagine a heterosexual person speaking in such a fashion; if they did they would probably not be invited back.
Homosexuals do seem to delight in 'kiss and tell' tales and they do love the intimate detail. Whether it is an innate desire to shock or a genuine perverted sense of what is right I do not know.
But I have experienced it many, many times in my working life and, the sad thing is that it is all so unnecessary.

So, from now on, "Just a Minute" will be known as the show that DOES allow deviation, perversion and pure, unadulterated filth.


  1. I think when people use smut (as we used to call it) it's a poor disguise for not being intelligent or in a comic's case, not being funny.

    It's also hiding rage, perhaps?

    Not wanting to sound hypocritical, I must admit, I have and still do sometimes swear when angry. I also, as a younger person, laughed at and told the odd risque joke, trying to fit in I suppose or just grab attention anyway I could! I still have my 'me me me' moments but am hopefully more 'aware' when they are beginning to cascade in company.

  2. Ros, it went well beyond "smut" - I also swear and laugh at funny risque jokes but within limits..if that does not sound too pi.

  3. Radio 4 packs out many of its quizes (which I used to enjoy listening to) with homosexuals and Marxists. The Friday Night comedy show The News Quiz is a prime example. On many of these shows the homosexuals are often 50% or more of the panellists. Of course programmes like the News Quiz regularly pour scorn on the Catholic Church and its stance on homosexual "marriage", contraception etc. Its replacement The Now Show (the run after each other in seasons) is just as bad. I have yet to hear anyone on such shows defend the sanctity of marriage or even anything as 'non-ofensive' as to defend the 'Christian' nature or heritage of these Isles.