Monday, 21 May 2012

Last bus for the SSPX three!

All aboard for the Vatican!

The last bus for Rome is about to leave and the three SSPX Bishops who are having difficulty in signing up to Bishop Fellay's joint plan with the CDF need to make up their minds, pronto! Or the Holy Father will make up their minds for them.

It is a cause for sorrow that the Society is verging on a split but there is at least one Bishop whose loss will not be mourned.

Father Paul Morgan, Superior of the British District of the Society, has been reported as being "disappointed" (we presume at the 'breakdown') of the talks; and there is speculation that he will lead the British District away from the table. 

It may be distasteful to discuss the issue of property and goods, rather like relatives gathering around a much loved family member in their final moments and dividing up the spoil before there is even a corpse, but, in this instance, it could be a matter of spiritual life or death for many Catholic families who, at present, legitimately attend SSPX Masses but for whom, lies an uncertain future.

Who will inherit the family silver?

Not Fr Morgan and his group, surely? They are really tenants for the Swiss HQ of the Society.
If this is the case then, assuming that Rome and Econe are as one, Bishop Fellay will have to despatch squads of his priests to assume control over Bristol, Wimbledon, London and all other SSPX Mass centres.

And Fr Morgan and co will have to do the other thing.

One thing is certain, it will not be a happy situation. For all of those concerned.

Maybe we should all go down on our knees to the Saint whose feast it is tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd May) is...of course.....St Rita..........Patron of Hopeless Causes.


  1. If the SSPX splits, will one half have to take a new name? It might become very confusing for traditionalist laity if there are two parallel SSPXs, one in full communion with Rome and one outside full communion.

  2. Oh, Richard, wouldn't it be awful if the British District were to split away!

    I'm praying every day for the reconciliation of as many as possible, for the good, not just of "their" souls or "ours", but for the souls of all of us who have a Catholic mind and heart; and for the good of all souls in general.

    I don't know about you, but I'm finding the suspense rather wearing. Please God the outcome will be announced very soon, and that it will be good. Our dear Holy Father has a knack of amazing us with the generosity of the provisions he makes. May it be so in this case too.

    1. Just found this blog and would like to comment as follows on your statement : “Our dear Holy Father has a knack of amazing us with the generosity of the provisions he makes. May it be so in this case too.”

      Well, that may be how you see it, but I disagree that this Holy Father was “being generous” in providing the Mass of all time, he was simply stating a fact which many of us had known and insisted on for more than 35 years . The ‘Old Mass’ (you know what I am referring to) is and was and ever will be an intrinsic part of the unchangeable fabric of the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic Church. In sempiternum, sine dubio.

      Latin is the first language of the Church : in this, Vatican 2 was spot on. Why was it dropped, almost everywhere ? please, someone, tell me ?

      The question I used to ask myself and my wife, continually, over the years was “How is it that I, an absolute nobody, know full well that the ‘Old Mass’ is not and cannot be forbidden, yet so many hundreds and thousands of bishops and priests tell me I am wrong, citing “obedience”

      May they all be forgiven for misdirecting so many of the faithful, they were completely wrong, seriously wrong, but no-one seems to want to say it. Why ?

  3. I pray that the SSPX returns intact. That isn't a naive sentiment on my part. I acknowledge the contentiousness of certain individuals in the SSPX. However, I believe it would be a terrible underestimation of God's power to effect miracles if we give in to human foibles and avoid asking "too much" of Him. So, let's go for broke and keep asking God for a full reunion with the SSPX hierarchy intact.

    The clergy of the SSPX and a good deal of the laity probably realize that it would be highly unlikely that a split would be amicable and litigation free. History is a sobering reminder that those who drift away from the Bishop of Rome end up constantly dividing. May the good people of the SSPX come home to Rome together.