Friday, 18 May 2012

Put one alongside the other and all doubts disappear

I mean, of course, the Latin Mass (EF) and the Vernacular Mass (OF).

Those who love the EF Mass can drone on for hours without having any apparent effect on their modernist friends and relations but it's not until you see the two, back to back, that the full horror of the OF sham is revealed.

And before you reach for the comments box let me say that I do believe the OF to be valid (in the main) and it can be reverent, in the hands of a good priest. 
But it remains "ordinary." No amount of bezazz and pew cuddling can change it from its ordinary aspect, that's why the Holy Father nominated it as ordinary.

The same applies to the Extraordinary Form. It is "extraordinary" and it fulfils all one could desire in terms of worship, adoration, penitence and reverence.

Watch the clip and decide for yourself (not that I doubt that most will agree).

And one commenter on the clip made the statement that, in the "old days" priests used to brag about how quickly they could say the Latin Mass (often in twenty minutes).

What's the problem?  If you have a priest with a good Latin tongue and a server who knows his stuff, of course, Low Mass will be over in a little more than twenty minutes. No loss of reverence or respect.

Those were the Masses attended by the workers before they caught the tube into the city, they had to be delivered competently and so they were. 


  1. Well, the only EF Mass I ever attended was with you in Blackfen, and in all truth it was a whole new level for me.

    Ben said to me that as it was in Latin and he knows I'm poor in Latin, that I wouldn't really understand it; but the truth is, that you need no translation at the EF Mass as you can "feel it".

    Don't know if I will ever be able to attend one again, but I will say that EF Mass is the Mass most firmly lodged in my brain and spirit.


  2. "I mean, of course, the Latin Mass (EF) and the Vernacular Mass (OF)"

    No, you don't! You mean what remained of the Traditional Roman Missal in the Typical Edition of 1962, and the Novus Ordo Missae of Pope Paul VI, whether celebrated in Latin or the "vernacular". This used to drive me mad - it's not primarily a question of Latin vs. "the vernacular" AT ALL!!

    1. Tee Hee...this used to drive me to distraction also. I'm sure she knows, but it nevertheless causes so much confusion amongst the Novus Ordo crowd who think it's the same Mass, just in Latin, or just in the vernacular.

  3. I only watched four minutes Richard and it made me want to puke. How on earth can intelligent folk swallow such drivel.The beggar of it is its people my age 65 plus who actually seem to think that this is how the sacrifice of the Mass should be celebrated. Lots of young folk appear to be saying what have you done what have you cheated us out of.

  4. I do wish you'd issue a health warning when you post something like this. I had to lie down afterwards. Interesting, though, how the NO (sic) priest sat it out a lot and fidgeted when he wasn't centre stage. Did I divine a hint of petulance there? I did start wondering how he got through seminary. But, then, again . . . . .