Sunday, 4 May 2014

Lourdes water......and grass

Our Lady's gold crown was donated by the people of Ireland
(Biretta tip to EFPastoremeritus2)
Saturday was our first full day in Lourdes and we made several visits to the Grotto and to the information office to enquire about Mass in Latin.

We were met with a rather patronising smile and told that there was only one EF Mass in Lourdes each week and that was at 9am in the Upper Basilica.
Surely,  we said, there must be more than one Mass per week.

A very firm "Non" was the response.

Leaving the Domain intent upon finding a coffee we bumped into our good friend, Julian Chadwick, Knight of the Order of Malta and ex Chairman of the Latin Mass Society.

Knight of the Order of Malta, Fra Julian Chadwick
Julian was sitting with Fr Ronald Creighton Jobe Cong. Orat., and announced that there was a Mass about to be celebrated in the Sacred Heart Chapel of a nearby hotel.

So much for patronising smiles and firm "Nons".

Fr CJ left immediately to prepare for the Mass while we chatted with Julian.

Lourdes is full of members of the Order of Malta and he explained that the USA had chartered three jumbo jets and Britain two, flying in many hundreds of sick and infirm.

So, on our very first day we were able to attend Mass and, afterwards, return to the Domain where we drank the water and I, much to the concern of Madame Toile de Lin, ate the grass.

You see, Our Lady instructed Bernadette to drink the water and eat the grass, acts which brought down great scorn upon her head from the sceptical locals.

So I feel that it is only right to follow suit...although I believe that Mme TdL is secretly planning to use this action on my part to have me detained under the Mental Health Act when we return to the UK.

 Due to the uncertainties of internet connections here in Lourdes, I am not always able to respond to comments, my apologies.


  1. Ah Richard, what a shame your trip to Lourdes was not two days earlier! We had two of the most beautiful Tridentine Masses celebrated by Msgr. Wach on 1st May, and Card. Raymond Burke on 2nd. Not trying to make you envious ;-) but they were simply out of this world - literally.


  2. The Little Way Centre in Lourdes has a small chapel where visiting priests sometimes celebrate Latin Mass.

    You may also be able to arrange something in the Shrine to St. Theresa in Little Way Chapel at far end IN underground basilica of ST. Pius X (Provided and paid for by the LWA, London when I wos helping them many ago before Ordination.

  3. Bless you Richard - you must be a great travelling companion!