Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Please Sir, I'm gay!

Reports from France where a school in Nantes is encouraging male pupils to attend classes wearing skirts are one of the latest in the round of 'down towards the sewer' type of stories in the news.

It appears that only by dressing as a girl can a male pupil show 'equality' - tosh!

"There are no LGBTs at St Custard's, even
 Fotherington-Thomas is straight"

Now, a North London School (where else) has established a LGBT club alongside its array of other extra curricular activities such as rock climbing and bee keeping. This from The Times of 13th May.

We are now seeing the poisonous fruits of the repeal of Section 28, legislation that gave schools the authority to exclude the promotion of sodomy (more HERE).

The floodgates are open and it must surely only be a matter of time before we have a Catholic Secondary School with a 'girl's uniform for boys day' or a lesbian clog dancing club.

At the Highgate School, for that is the one that has established the LGBT Club, this move seems to contradict the statement on their website which reads:-

"We are also aware that sometimes girls just want to be girls and boys just want to be boys, and that is fine. For our part, we simply want our pupils to feel happy and confident enough to be themselves, and we feel that the positive interaction between pupils is a central part of that process. Above all, we want our pupils to not only be tolerant of difference, but to celebrate that difference, be that one of gender, sexuality, race or religion. Having girls here makes that diversity possible and natural".

Does the same 'celebration of difference' now extend to transvestites and transsexuals?

It seems that it does.

But, caveat, the school is treading on dangerous ground.
I note that the Sixth Form Geography students are to undertake part of their A Level programme in Morocco.....might be best not to mention the LGBT thing whilst there!

Having one's students beheaded is not easy to explain to anxious parents.

H/T to Valerie U for the story.


  1. The young generation are labrats for insane liberals. Or maybe they know full well the chaos they are causing in these souls but with a dead conscience, all things are equal.

  2. who thinks this is true?:

    I hope and PRAY not.

    1. Viterbo, nothing surprises me any longer...but I keep on praying.

  3. Eh Richard the bu####s are barmy.!!