Sunday, 18 May 2014

A March for Life London?

It seems such an obvious thought that, for once, I had the prudence to investigate and find out if there was a planned March for Life London.

After all, Birmingham has one, Melbourne also and there is even one, so I am told, in the USA - just a little one.

Well, of course, Fr Tim of The Hermeneutic of Continuity flagged up the idea 3 years ago, in response to The Catholic Herald posing the same question.

Nothing appears to have materialised.

Maybe it links back to my previous post about a Catholic Britain that has never actually recovered its confidence since the Protestant Reformation - we're all too pc to stand up and be counted.

We are just grateful to be here and to be left in comparative peace (apart from issues such abortion, euthanasia, gay adoption, same sex "marriage" etc., etc).

Nothing must be done to rock the boat....meanwhile the tiny corpses stack up.

One might think that one of the established London Rosary sort of marches might combine with the pro life groups and stage a stonking great march (instead of the measly 2,000 or so that usually attend).

And, if the Cardinal of Westminster and the Archbishop of Southwark were to lead it, what a marvel that would be!

Just a thought.


  1. I think we got disheartened years ago. There was an anti abortion rally in Liverpool in the 70s. 70,000 of us turned up. The headline read "100 pro choice protestors......." The 70,000 were ignored. Similar in Bradford. Then we had a mass lobby of parliament. 20,000. Nothing whatever in the newspapers. Zilch. A couple of weeks later the unions staged a mass lobby of 2,000. Headlines for that "Biggest mass lobby since the war." It was as if we didn't exist. We were turning out in huge numbers and no one knew. Now it could be publicised through the Internet. But people have lost heart. We've become lazy and indifferent. The French take to the streets in their millions and we sit at home and say "Isn't it awful!). I said this to a young French man recently. He was in Paris defending marriage while I sat home tutting. If we won't march at least we could spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. As much as we can, as often as we can......if we can find it. I'm lucky, we have Adoration every day, Latin Mass every day. For those who don't, it's hard but not impossible. If the church is closed, pray outside it. He's still there.

    1. Good suggestions Chloe...but it would still be good to have a March and I do not understand why the MFL folk don't bite the bullet. There are ways of overcoming lack of reportage.

  2. Absolutely it would be good idea! But how do we break through the apathy?