Sunday, 25 May 2014

The desk of a Catholic blogger

The Go and Announce blog by Meadows 59 recently published a photograph of his desk.

OK, no big whoop (as they say) but I think that a blogger's desk is a reflection of his or her character.

It can give an interesting insight into that person....possibly.

Here is Meadow 59's picture:

Most importantly, to my mind, is the prominence of the Latin Mass mug.
The rest is pretty neat and tidy, much like his blog

So now for my desk......the words 'neat and tidy" do not immediately spring to mind but I like it.

On the right hand side is St Edward Bear, once used when skyping my grandchildren in Australia but now redundant since their return to Blighty.

Various photos of grandchildren and then - shock, horror! A skull!

It used to carry a sign with the message 'Tonight, maybe?' as per the German monastery that I once read about that has a painting of the Grim Reaper with the 'Tonight' message in the Refectory so that the monks may contemplate death whilst eating.
It appeals to my darker side.

Behind my computer screen is a statue of the Madonna and Child, possibly Anglican in origin.

On the Christ Child's right shoulder rests a holy card sent by a friend from the Holy Land (thank you Joanne).
And, either side are two of my favourite saints, Thomas More and John Fisher (Ora pro nobis).

To the right of the statue of Our Lady is my 'Extraordinary in Latin' clock reminding me that it is high time that the Latin Mass is returned to its rightful place and made available to every parish at a reasonable hour on Sundays and Holydays.

On the far left a book case with some, but not all of my collection of religious books.

A picture of Mrs Linen...(of course), my father's regimental badge (The Irish Guards), some Japanese bric a brac and a model boat given to me by my son when he departed for Oz some 10 or more years ago.

 I suppose that, by rights, I should now return it to him as I no longer need its magical properties to sail me to Melbourne.

But! I almost forgot...just peeping out from behind the skull is a framed paper.

It is an attestation of the consecration of a chalice written by none other than Bishop Fellay himself.

A future relic, maybe?

It is dated 6th January (Epiphany) 1990 and it reminds me of the dark days when a Tridentine Latin Mass could not be attended for love nor money between here and Bristol some 160 miles distant.

That is why we needed the chalice; we built a chapel in our old school house and a travelling priest used to come every month or so to catechise the children and hear our confessions and offer the Holy Mass.

Much to the rage of our bishop and to the delight of quite a few souls who found their way back to a deeper Faith as a result of having a Latin Mass in Pembrokeshire once more.

Possibly, one or two of you might also like to post a picture of your desk on your own blog?


  1. who knows, maybe your desk will become a future relic!

    when I converted I can remember the priest showing me and other would be converts the chalice and thinking, 'should we be putting our mitts on this?' but it was shoved in your face - i now think it was part of a 'process' of de-consecrating its specialness, at least in our minds.

    1. Viterbo - that is a very kind thought but, alas, not likely to happen. Thank God for our converts, they hold the Faith together.

  2. Note to self: Purchase skull for desk.

  3. Your desk sure tells a good story.

  4. Winter for the Catholic Faith in England