Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Good old BBC, never fails to disappoint

Sorry, no tangos at Latin Masses, only
at Latino ones!
First, before I get to Auntie Beeb let me give you the results of my pre Christmas Quiz, the one showing a picture of a couple doing the Tango, you know, that dance that epitomises immodesty with its blatant sexual overtures and scanty dresses.

The answer, of course, is number three, and it originates from the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing programme, or, as I prefer to call it, Strictly Come Pornography.

For that, really, is what it is. Sorry to be a killjoy but pornography it is.

Those that nominated number one, the Berlin nightclub were a shade off strasse; but it could well have been snapped in a dodgy joint in Germany's capital.

And, as for those who suspected that the photo came from a Catholic Mass in Buenos Aires, what an outrageous suggestion.

Can you possibly imagine a sensuous, provocative dance taking place on the sanctuary after Holy Mass?

That would surely be an act of sacrilege, the modern day equivalent of prancing round the golden calf.

You just have time to make it to Confession before Midnight Mass.

Now for the BBC.

Radio Four on Sunday morning and the adenoidal tones of that pillar of the Church, Ed Stourton.

He is introducing a piece on the seasonal celebrations, you know, the ones that we love to take part in at this time of the year 'cept he's not talking of Christmas and the birth of the Messiah, no, no,

Ed is speaking about the Winter Solstice and how pagans love to gather at dawn around the standing stones of Stonehenge - great!

And then, as I listened in horror whilst attending to matters of dental hygiene I hear a Pythonesque voice state words to the effect that:

"Well, Stonehenge is a place of spirichool healing, just like Lourdes, reelly"

At this point I had to call Mrs L to disentangle my toothbrush from my epiglottis.

Nice one Ed and your pagan chums!



  1. Another thing about the BBC I have noticed. The first episode of a series is very often fairly tame.My mummy -radar doesn't go off.It is only in later episodes that you find yourself watching some sex propaganda. Case in point.Call the midwife.First few episodes were faithful to the book so I was reeled in by the propaganda machine. It is only after I have gained sympathy for the characters, that the old cliched pro-abortion,anti-catholic-establishment ratings-finale comes about.At this stage I have enthusiastically recomended the series to everyone as being faitbful to the book.Same with Fr Brown.Same as Dr Who.Same as the Voice.BBC cannot help themselves.

  2. I have now added the Centre of Things Dark and Satanic (the BBC) to my List of Banned Things In Order To Have A Fighting Chance Of Ever Entering Heaven.

    I have deleted the BBC from being my "Homepage", on the Computer, and replaced it with CNN. I urge other concerned Catholics to consider doing the same.

  3. no-tangos-at-Latin-Masses

    who would have believed Mass and tango might ever 'go' together.

    there must surely be a tipping-point where the 'culture' of the Mass becomes universal again.

  4. Good idea Zephyrinus.

    Viterbo, I think the tipping point is still in the descent mode.

  5. Has anyone else noticed that whilst the BBC always broadcasts the Urbi et Orbi on Easter Day they never broadcast it on Christmas Day?

    1. could it be something to do with the Queen's 'urbi et orbi' taking precedence in the BBC on Christmas Day? HM doesn't broadcast an Easter message