Friday, 13 December 2013

The Holy Father has spoken - he must be obeyed

A tilt of the biretta to a priest friend


  1. And yet we see so much new things being introduced today, sadly in the negative aspect.

  2. He condemned Modernism, as had St Pius X, and was so outspokenly against the stupid slaughter of WW1

  3. Sometimes I believe the stupid saughter of humans by humans is more suicide than murder...

    Did I miss the whole blog post here? Clicked on everything, looking for more (sigh)

  4. The modernists, like the Protestants, have singled out from the gospels their favorite phrase "Thou shalt not judge." But they ignore the fact that immediately after, Our Lord said: "Beware of false their fruits you shall know them."

    'The Faith has become a fluid concept, charity a kind of universal solidarity, and hope is above all, hope for a better world......Archbp. Lefebvre