Monday 2 December 2013

Why the Latin Mass is so important

I came across this beautifully made video clip on the Old Rite of Mass on Youtube.

Many of the points that it makes have been made time and time again and those who oppose the Mass of All Time will no doubt feel peeved at the repetition but, it does punch the message home.

I continue to be profoundly puzzled as to why so many priests insist on only celebrating the Ordinary Form of Mass and ignore the Extraordinary Form.

It is an inherent part of our liturgy, it is legitimate, it is approved - so why the reluctance?

OK, so we all know that the Bishops will come down like a ton of bricks on any young priest who introduces the Latin Mass to his parishioners, that may account for the reluctance.

But, where are the brave souls who, in theory, would lay down their lives for the Faith?

For the Faith but not for the Mass it would seem.

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  1. No need for me to comment Richard that beautiful video clip says it all. Thank you for posting it. Joseph