Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sign the petition....please sign it


The events surrounding the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the draconian move to curtail their legitimate celebration of the Latin Mass have been rumbling on for some time now.

And, as it all unfolds, disillusionment and disaffection sets in; the perfect scenario so loved by the devil.

The Eponymous Flower has link details of a petition demanding the dismissal of the priest who was parachuted in to take over control of the order, Fr Fidenzio Volpi.

And quite right too. The move to subjugate the order was overbearing and smacks of the work of the limp wristed brigade within the Vatican.

Go HERE for the link and, I know we seem to be swamped by petitions, but this is one that cries out for signatures - and justice.


  1. I certainly support the Friars (though I lament the internal squabbling); they are wonderful evangelists for the Faith. However, Richard, your comment about a "limp wristed brigade" is truly shameful. Where is your proof?

  2. Parepidemos, surely you know that there is a strong element within the Vatican who scheme against papal authority? I think that those who turn a blind eye to abuses in the Church are truly shameful.

  3. The silence on this gross injustice is scandalous.