Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Abuse and violence - coming to a church near you

The time when our churches may be regarded as silent and sacred places for prayer and worship may be coming to an end.

We are seeing an increase in the demonic where churches are invaded by hordes of the ungodly, those who represent same sex "marriage", abortion, euthanasia and so on.

They are anti Christs and, having found that invasion of holy places produces shock among those present and masses of media coverage favouring their evil cause, they will, undoubtedly adopt abuse as a standard form of protest.

Our priests are going to have an even heavier burden to bear when they appear in public and, sorry to say, physical attacks on individuals cannot be far away.

The forces of depravity are also at work behind the scenes and Deacon Nick at Protect the Pope reports that he fears pressure being brought to bear on him to censor or, even, close his blog.

It appears that both church invasion and vociferous lobbying of our Bishops by these factions is in danger of succeeding.
Their Lordships seem particularly sensitive to such approaches, one wonders why.

WARNING: This video contains very unpleasant scenes of a sexual nature and should not be viewed by children


  1. I cried and cried........May God help us! May our children persevere the coming persecution..........

    Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis!
    Saint Michael the Archangel, ora pro nobis!

  2. THE

    Fifteen hundred
    Solid men
    Faced the gates
    Of Hell and then

    Faced the dogs
    Who eat their vomit
    With chain-linked Rosaries
    A grace-ringed grommet

    Protecting Holy
    Mother’s portal
    Their deed will ever
    Be immortal

    Fifteen hundred
    Rosaries prayed
    As cursing curs
    Their hate displayed

    Dog-like flesh
    Eating mammals
    She hyenas
    Cud-chew camels

    Five thousand mongrels
    Diablo’s dames
    Sex slaves reliath

    But fifteen hundred
    Solid men
    Each decade prayed
    Were stones of ten

    Aimed at half-bloods
    Like David before
    Each Ave slung
    Gainst hellion’s whore

    Fifteen hundred
    Solid men
    “As it was in the beginning,
    Is now…” Amen!!

  3. When is news news? This is a touch greater in degree, perhaps , but not in kind, with attacks on churches and the church on a yearly basis in Argentina: those praying outside and inside the cathedral expected something of this sort from past experience. The annual Pride roadshow is supported by public grant, no less, according to Protect the Pope.
    (Cf the scenes, smaller numbers, not so physically on World youth Day in Madrid's sort of equivalent to Picadilly Circus, Puerta del Sol - the gentry verbally abusing and inyourfacehating rosary-praying pilgrimsthere had not-so-behind-the-scenes facilitation from powerful socialists in the state setup,although the National Police force did end up intervening - whole thing worth its weight in gold for the international enemedia for spin and twist)
    I wish I could believe you mistaken in saying coming soon to a church near you.
    But who knows what seeds are being sown, the Almighty is just that, did not St Francis and a companion's othercheekturning on being buffetted , insulted, and given a dead rat to eat, later result in the ratflinging blasphemous oaf turning into a brother franciscan , I think beatified or canonized ?
    We may at times feel the modern church is a pushover - in some ways it's encouraging to see that the devil obviously thinks otherwise.

  4. Richard, can I just say how 'Longskirts' most excellent poem was a salve to my spirits as her words summed the reality so well. (What a gift she has) I too cried when I saw it and also cried out "where were the police" as this was one of the most dreadful things I've seen ( alongside the beheading of a priest during the summer, by Muslims )
    Wondered if it would help if we wrote to the Argentinian Ambassador, or an official in Argentina, especially for the burning effigy of our Pope.

  5. Momangelica, yes, isn't she great? I seldom use this word but I believe she has a definite 'charism'.

  6. The devil can't abide the Church.