Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Bevan Family at St John's

On November 10th the Bevan Family Choir (somewhat more varied in age than when the choir was at its height back in the 1970s) performed a number of works at St John's Catholic Church, Bath.

Sadly, I was unable to be present but it was, by all accounts, a magnificent evening.

Here is the choir, conducted by Tony Bevan, singing the Agnus Dei and In Paradisum.

One commentator, on my last post about the performance, asked if a CD of the original Bevan Family Choir album was available.

Something for the family to consider maybe......

H/T to my friend John Bevan for the Youtube link


  1. I was booked as a soloist for a funeral in Bath, expecting Rupert, who normally my accompanist, found Anthony. I think he turned up a bit too late for a run through, but it all went well. Lovely accompanist btw,
    Had a terrible experience a couple of months ago with one where I couldn't make out the melody to name but a few difficulties so the next booking ( with same accompanist ) I agreed, on provision that I could supply my own backing to my solo pieces. Don't tell Rupert though, okay?

    1. Momangelica, I am even more in awe of your talents. GB.