Monday, 14 February 2011

Will they sentence our priests to prison?

There was a very sound priest active in the 80s whose name now escapes me (but I have his article from Catholic Order packed up somewhere) who stated that he firmly believed that we would see Catholic martyrs within the next 25-30 years. He meant, of course, in Europe and possibly, the USA rather than the world at large where killings of Christians has accelerated  to over 270 each day during the last decade (see
 Joyful Papist).
Can we really expect, now that the 30 years is up, to see Catholic martyrs in the prison system in Britain  once more?  Of   course, without the death penalty we cannot have martyrs as such but the process of martyrdom does include imprisonment; many of the English and Welsh Martyrs succumbed in jail rather than on the scaffold.
And, anyway, I believe you could have a "dry" martyrdom, being pilloried in the media, jailed, reviled and despised - all of those are key ingredients to suffering for the faith.

Could it happen tomorrow? Well, if the Coalition Government has its way, it will soon be legitimate for homosexuals to have Civil Partnership  ceremonies  conducted in church.

Not too much of a problem for the Protestant faiths or for Quakers who readily accepted "gay love"(for want of a better phrase) some time ago
Just two weeks ago, a Christian couple who run a Bed and Breakfast establishment were found guilty under the law of refusing accommodation to a pair of homosexuals.
Next week, it could be Fr X who, in the wake of denying a church "wedding"to a gay couple, finds himself up on a charge.

Here's the report from Sunday's Telegraph:-

The Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone, is expected to announce that churches, synagogues and other religious settings will be able to host civil partnership ceremonies for the first time.
As The Daily Telegraph reported in December, the Coalition is also considering extending homosexual rights to allow full “marriage” for same-sex couples.
Currently, the term “marriage” applies only to the union of a man and a woman.
Liberal Jewish groups, Quakers and other Christian organisations have been pressing the Coalition to introduce the civil partnership reforms, and gay rights campaigners welcomed the latest news.
The Church of England, however, has voiced its opposition. Senior Anglican officials have said the Church is unlikely to host civil partnerships, which would include religious readings and hymns under the plan.

Peter Tatchell, voice of homosexual OUTRAGE stated: "It's long overdue".

Well, we can expect no less from this quarter, (other than some test cases);  will the Government press on with their plans?...looks likely...what was it David Cameron said when he bade farewell to the Holy Father in September? words to the effect that: "We shall protect the family unit in this country." I am disappointed in him but then, Labour is probably going to be even more extreme on this issue.

Who among our priests will step up to the mark? I know the blogging clerics will not shrink from the decision when the time comes. Pray hard for all of our priests!


  1. I'm sure this will happen because the whole "gay rights" [sic] things is a drip, drip, drip like Chinese water torture.

    The close Catholic adoption agencies, they harangue Christian B&B owners. How long before the European Court of Human Rights rules that Catholic Churches must allow these sinister parodies of weddings on Sacred ground?

  2. There was a wise old Franciscan priest I knew who used to say the same here. But I think we still have a few more years before the persecution.

    Further, as Webmaster Gareth alludes to, as with much of modernism, the persecution will incremental. Slow strangulation while telling your victim how its for his own good is much more charitable and much less messy.

  3. Trouble is, the Catholic Church in E+W has recently, to an extent, played along with the homosexualist agenda:not opposing the civil unions bill, provision of the 'soho Masses'.It would be a short step for some, from receiving H/C at one of these Masses to solemnising a homosexual union.