Sunday, 6 February 2011


Two Ronnies, four candles - but it should be two candles for Low Mass

I was asked a fairly basic question by a priest recently; it was why there are only two candles on the altar for an Extraordinary Form Low Mass. Admittedly, he was what one might call a liberal priest (is that too strong a term?)

I would expect all priests to know the rudiments of the Masses offered even if they did not wish to learn how to celebrate the EF Mass.

It's not that hard is it? At least, in the main we have OF Vernacular, OF Latin and EF Low and EF High. Basically, four variations (ignoring the various Masses offered in Inuit or whatever other tongue may be in vogue in a parish at a given time).
I guess that most priests who offer both forms, know the score when it comes to dressing an altar but that  priests who only offer the Ordinary Form are largely ignorant about the EF requirements.

Put this another way. I am a Ford Car Dealership; I can tell you about Mondeos and Fiestas but I know sweet nothing about Galaxy and Focus. Not exactly professional is it?

In fact it is more than unprofessional, it is a downright insult to the faithful and to the Holy Father. Maybe we should stick to fork handles!


  1. Take it as a victory that he asked about anything pertaining to the Extraordinary Form at all.