Thursday, 17 February 2011

Holy Father "sacks" Bishop - Could it happen here (please God)

Last Papist Standing has a good report of a certain Bishop Ricard who has consistently and vehemently denied the orthodox faithful in his Diocese and has done a great deal to suppress Summorum Pontificum and the celebration of the Extraordinary form of Mass.

I will only post a short extract as Robert Kumpel deserves a great deal of credit for a good it is.....

"According to the same trusted sources, Bishop Ricard will probably resign under the pretext of ill-health. Ricard suffered a stroke in December 2009, and although he has been recuperating he is reported to be "not fully himself," and to have relinquished all substantive governance of the Diocese to curial bureaucrats. However, these same sources insist that Ricard (who at 69 years of age is a good five to six years away from the mandatory and typical retirement age) did not wish to resign, and desired to hold the reins of ecclesiastical power for as long as he could; Pope Benedict had demanded his resignation in response to several disturbing matters relating to episcopal maladministration that have come to the Vatican's attention.

The way the Catholic liturgy is celebrated in the Diocese reportedly leaves much to be desired, with nearly all of the clergy (Ricard included) strongly opposed to any and all manifestations of traditional liturgical expression, and overtly hostile to the Catholic liturgical "reform of the reform" promoted by the current Pope, including the revival of the traditional Latin (i.e., "Tridentine") Mass and the reform of the normative Mass (the so-called "Novus Ordo") in a way that brings it closer, in appearance and in ambiance, to the way Catholics have historically worshipped. (Liturgical abuse and banality are the norm:
in one widely-publicized incident, a pastor in Dentin interrupted the Mass to promote his favorite brand of dog shampoo, while during the liturgy he left his pet canine free to roam the nave, and presumably the sanctuary.)"
There is a parish not far from me where the priest's labrador wanders at will across the sanctuary - maybe the end is in sight.

Most encouraging of all is the allegation that Pope Benedict has 'compelled' this Bishop to resign.......when will Archbishop Mennini arrive? I'll bet his in tray is full already.

Read Robert's piece and go to bed a happy Catholic!
(unless you're a Bishop of E & W) God bless our Pope!

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