Monday, 28 February 2011

Thank you for adding me to your blog list....

...I keep coming across blogs that are carrying Linen on the Hedgerow on their blog roll. I am very grateful and usually reciprocate accordingly.
However, if I have missed anyone in this process please leave a comment and I will remedy matters.
BTW....only blogs loyal to the magisterium, relatively free of family photographs and  with non pink backgrounds are normally featured :)
Oh, flowers are out also....sorry..... (but exceptions do arise from time to time!


  1. Tito, that is a very clever blog address.:)

  2. Thanks a lot... I'm repairing to my ignorance

  3. Hmmm afraid the background to my blog is pink!But there are no photographs.....well not yet

  4. What's wrong with pink and flowers?

    How about Blogs who do not carry any Blog Rolls? I don't have a Blog Roll because I don't want to offend those not on it. However, I do visit a lot of Blogs (mostly Catholic). Albeit I don't always comment.

    God bless.