Monday, 21 February 2011

We are nothing more than 'second class trash who get pushed to the back of the bus'

Fr Z posted this comment referring to how Traditional Catholics are treated today, when writing about possible changes to the Summorum Pontificum (which he dismisses as being unfounded). For those of you who are less than 40 or so years of age, being 'second class trash forced to sit at the back of the bus' was the lot of negroes (now called black people) from the Southern States of the USA who, until civil rights legislation came into force, were treated abominably by some of their caucasian (white) fellow citizens.

Well, I've been at the back of the bus for a long time now and it doesn't get any easier, it's a bumpy old ride. But, I am not complaining, well, I am really but I like to pretend a little!

I often wonder how it would be if situations were reversed and followers of the Ordinary Form of Mass were asked to trash out at the back of the bus.
Try a few of these for size......

All aimed at the Liberal branch of the Catholic faith:-

1. I'm sorry but from now on your Sunday Mass will be at 5pm.

2. Oh, and only on the third Sunday of the month, but don't worry, we will arrange for a Wednesday afternoon Mass at 3pm - that will be every other week.

3. Sorry again! Forgot to say that your Sunday Masses will not be in your parish church any longer but we have arranged for Fr X in St Blog's to say it, it's only 65 miles away.

4. Silly me.....another memory slip...Mass will be in Tagalog from now on...we have 12 Phillipino nurses in the congregation you know.

5. Finally, let me say that we will "trial" this new arrangement for six months and if it does not work out, Masses will move to St Y's just north of the Scottish border.

Does that all seem a shade unreal? Do you think that it doesn't happen? Well, you are partly right. Point 5 has not happened to us yet......but give it time!

Liberals to the front, Traddy trash to the back!


  1. Not unreal at all. It's happening.

  2. I mean, it's happening to the traditional catholics, not the liberals.

  3. You describe our Sundays with such accuracy!

  4. "Does that all seem a shade unreal?"

    In the past it was all too real. But the FSSP and the Motu Proprio have changed the dynamic.

    Now smokers are the new n's, except we're not even allowed on the bus.

  5. Sadly very true. Here's another.

    Trendy Bishop and co: Sorry but since we can't find any priests we have to close the parish where you have been for over 10 years. Money is also an issue.

    Lowly parishioner: "What about the FSSP, ICK or a foreign priest- we don't even care if he speaks much English. They have plenty of priests and have often asked if they may minister in the diocese. Don't understand the money problem- there is plenty of money in the parish treasury and we can fix the parish up again ourselves very easily. At least that way we can keep the church open still.

    Trendy Bishop and co: No- we have a priest shortage and must close your parish and move you across the city to another where you will be barely tolerated. Not only that but you really don't fit into the new parish (or the diocese) so Easter Mass must be at a different parish or any other time you get in our way or we just want to make it unpleasant for you.

    Lowly parishioner: But you haven't answered my objection. They have plenty of priests and are willing to undertake the work of the parish

    Trendy Bishop and Co: No we have a priest shortage. Besides there is an buddhist group that wants to buy a former catholic church and that would add to the diversity in our diocese. (Aside to groupies): We need to sell to protestants and other non Catholics as there are too many Catholic parishes in the diocese. (To parishioners): Pray "Fill us with your Holy Spirit, empowering us to become vital
    expressions of growth in your changing Church." Then do what ever I tell you even though you decide you should do otherwise in your all so spirit of Vatican II council meetings though really the fate of your parish is already decided. You are only supposed to rubber stamp our decisions so we can look good. Don't you silly people know that?

    All to sad and true. Sadly in my diocese we have endured pretty much that. Unfortunately there is worse in others I hear.