Saturday, 12 February 2011

Is combox censoring a lie?

Comments are the very air we bloggers breathe. It shows that there is someone out there who reads and, occasionally cares. I do not look for bouquets, that is not my purpose in blogging; I do expect brickbats as I hold fast to the view that, in an universal church you will get a wide range of views (at least on matters non doctrinal).
I am trying also to keep an air of humility here (and it's hard!)  over the fact that, quite often we verily thrive on a little lively debate, of being slapped down from time to time; it is, I think, a very traditionalist outlook and in my earlier, formative years I remember my six brothers and sisters holding forth on faith matters and this being a very essential part of understanding and at the same time accepting the stance taken by others. It may be one reason why Liberal Catholics accuse us Traditionalists of being 'right wing' or 'extreme', they do not have the benefit of a background of homespun apologetics (among many other things).

I allow every comment in my combox except blasphemous or ones rudely disrespectful to God or His people; I am sure that 99.9% of Catholic bloggers do the same.
Ergo, I expect the same in return. A polite comment from me to a fellow blogger should be published. If it is not, it constitutes a lie because that person is shielding their readers from full exposure to the truth of comments expressing an opposing view.

It also indicates a rather appalling lack of belief in themselves. They must be terribly insecure individuals if they cannot stomach a little opposition.
And what impression does it leave their faithful readers with? Ah, perhaps we get to the nub; the impression must be that the blogger concerned is wonderful, enlightening and entertaining because - you one ever contradicts them!

So, come on keep doing this to me.....try a little honesty for a change!


  1. I do agree with you on this. I also allow everything and would also only delete a comment fro the same reasons you said. But I try to let everyone have a fair say even if I sometimes don't like it.
    I also am a bit perplexed by people who don't publish the comments from people who simply disagree with them. (I have actually read that as a reason. As well as challenging comments.) To me that seems absurd. But I also feel it says a lot about the world we live in. Freedom of speech is something I believe most people DON'T believe in really. If someone disagrees with us respectfully, in turn we become defensive and wounded...and that I think is silly. If someone does disagree with us, what's the problem? I admire people who can listen to a difference of opinion respectfully and perhaps argue their side with an air of confidence but not with anger.

    So yes, a long winded way of saying I agree.:)

  2. I wouldn't bother with the "Auntie Joanna" blog, as she will hardly write on anything that doesn't involve her in some sort of capacity.

    There is always some sort of insecurity in people, who cannot tolerate any criticism of themselves. The church does not need Catholic journalists telling us how many dinner parties they have been to or how many famous people they have rubbed shoulders with.

  3. I whole-heartedly disagree with you, and sincerely hope you won't publish this comment! :)

    Also, you must be wrong about Auntie: I know that nobody ever disagrees with her: look in her combox for the proof of that!

  4. Auricularis....she holds this certain, sinister fascination for me or, at least, her blog does. Auntie represents a side of Catholicism that I don't actually recognise :)

  5. Ah I didn't realize you were talking about one blog in particular.:) Can I get the link and have a read? :)

  6. Well put. I relish humiliations...mostly. Okay, not much. But truth be told, I have posted them all. Not that there have been many, but they tend to be pointed. And I get the final word, which helps.

    The only comments I don't publish are advertisements, filth and basphemy. Mostly, though, folks are pretty kind.

  7.'s a bit pacy....try