Saturday, 8 September 2012

If you don't ask you won't receive

I am told by the organisers of the petition requesting the Holy Father to celebrate publicly a Tridentine Latin Mass, that the protocol procedures will commence at the beginning of October 2012 when the petition will be formally lodged at the Vatican.

If you have not already signed the petition, please consider doing so.

As and when the Holy Father celebrates the EF Mass in public, the consequences will be major.
There may be schism coming from the ranks of the liberal Austrian, German and Dutch clergy, there will be hats in the air from the traditional wing and, probably, bewilderment from millions who are not even aware that such a thing as a Latin Mass exists today.

Fatima is unfolding and prayer is needed to see Holy Mother Church through this period; the petition link is here:


  1. Dear Richard,

    I am intrigued by your comment, 'Fatima is unfolding'. I could write reams about my understanding of this but i would be very interested to know what you mean by it, even if only to gauge how extreme or not my thoughts would be. So, if you have the time... what has happened/is happening now but wasn't before to prompt this comment? and, what do you think (or hope) might happen so as Fatima continues to 'unfold'?

    Thank you,


  2. Mark - I believe that the requests of Our Lady at Fatima have not been met by the world (Pray and Repent); quite the opposite, in fact.
    Therefore, it seems logical to believe that the world will experience hardships of diverse kinds until we return to Christ. I try hard not to fall into the 'merchant of doom' camp, not least because there is great hope.
    Our Lady said that the Church and the Papacy will have much to suffer and this is evident from the falling away of the clergy and the laity. Beyond that, I try not to delve, pray and repent seems to say it all. God bless. Richard

  3. Thank you for a sensible answer. I have been 'delving' to use your word, into the conspiracy theory/'merchant of doom' camp who seem to be suggesting the same, namely, that Fatima is unfolding, but, it being the 'merchant of doom' camp, their prognosis is much worse than yours! They would say that the requests of Our Lady of Fatima have not been met by the world OR by the Church. I have to say that their interpretation of events is compelling, particularly given the apparently obvious contradictions in what has been officially revealed by the Church. The problem I have with the message of Fatima, though, is there doesn't seem to be any objective, balanced information out there, it's either conspiracy theory or watered-down nonsense verging on inter-faith. So, thank you for a balanced view!