Sunday, 30 September 2012

The 'Godbaby' campaign - Church of England gets it wrong, again

According to the Daily Mail, the good old Church of England is backing a poster campaign aimed at getting the public to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas - showing how to cast off that shallow commercial aspect and to remember learn that the real Christmas is about the birth of Christianity; the bringing of the light of Christ into the world.

So, a poster has been designed, obviously by someone who knows nothing about Christianity, that shows Our Blessed Lord as a (cute) how I dislike that word, toy baby doll.

Yes, you're right; it's tacky and bile inducing but then......we have the copy line.....wait....

"He cries, he wees, he saves the world"

That line is so nauseatingly tasteless one might almost believe that it came direct from Eccleston Square, but no, the C of E believes that it will inspire thousands, nay millions to put aside mammon and think of that infant Christ in the manger.

Well, of course, it won't.

If they wanted a good image that  would really punch home the message of Christmas and make people think, they should have featured a crucifix.



  1. I suppose it is better than the firm which is alleged to have featured a crucified Father Christmas in its front window. Or is it?

  2. Did you REALLY expect anything better from C of E which departed from Christianity a long time ago?

  3. This 'doll' Christ seems to suggest several serious heresies: Docetism, Adoptionism, Apollinarianism, and a sort of Nestorianism!

    Christ became flesh, not plastic or porcelain! He is truly human and truly divine.

    Baby dolls 'cry' and 'pee', too, but only in a fake way -- is that what the C o E is suggesting Christ is; an illusion, a representation, a symbol, a fake?

    Dolls are also hollow, which is why I mentioned some of the above errors, ones that seemed to teach that Christ had a human outside, but a divine inside (like a creme egg!).

    But as EF pastor emeritus says, the C o E departed from orthodox Christianity a long time ago.

    (Thanks for highlighting this, and for your kind comments on my blog earlier. Dylan)

  4. As a Texan may I have your permission to exclaim "Gobsmacked?"

    This is so Fisher-Price Play-Church.

  5. This insulting and degrading imagery comes from the same C of E that, for its services in Canterbury Cathedral, processes in elaborate vesture past a printed sign marking the former site of the tomb of St. Thomas Becket, the tomb which the same sign acknowledges was destroyed by order of Henry VIII--who, of course, went on to found the C of E: absurd, and tragic. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

  6. The article drives home. Yes no one wants to be personal with Jesus. What are they afraid of? The Name of Jesus IS a sword to those who do not believe or do not love Him because they already know about Jesus. Those who do not know about Jesus but have hearts of Gold, are not stung by the Name of Jesus.
    Great article

  7. I agree with the above comments. I have already written to the people responsible for this appalling poster. Jesus was fully man and is fully God and to depict Him as some creepy plastic doll is nothing short of shameful.

  8. Gee that poster doesn't look like it came from the C of E, it looks more the work of the UCC (United Church of Canada)

  9. Well the C of E has missed the plot once again. Is there any wonder people have stopped going to church when we get this rubbish thrust upon us. Idolatry comes to mind. Don't you think Church it's time to go back to the basics and stop trying to use gimmicks. The only thing that will get people back to Church is the Holy Spirit. People are sickened with hypocrisy which the Church at the moment is rife with. Arguments over women bishops, no argument, there shouldn't even be hierchy positions in the Church, Christ himself warned against it.