Monday, 24 September 2012

Another Bishop makes a stand against abortion

You could probably count them up on the fingers of one hand belonging to a butcher.....the number of British Bishops who have publicly and effectively made a statement condemning both abortion and sodomite "marriage".

But stout hearted Scottish Bishop, Joseph Devine, has stood up and made a bold stand by comparing the holocaust of the annhilation, during WW2, of Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, Handicapped, Coloured, Mentally Disabled, to the infanticide that goes on routinely in every abortuary in the land.

Three cheers for this man (he only retired in August). He also supported the Berkshire couple who refused accommodation in their B & B, to a gay couple.

And remember him in your prayers, the BPAS folk are already crying 'foul' and The Green Party (who they?) are squealing out "homophobe!.

Expect more of the same and, expect also, the pro abort terrorists to leap into action with their hate mail campaigns and other more physical protests.

Well done Bishop wait for Archbishop Nichols to come out (I mean to condemn same sex "marriage, of course).


  1. Bishops seem to continue to be chosen for all the wrong reasons. We need holy, courageous, uncompromising Bishops to lead the Faithful and evangelise the non-believer. How much longer shall we suffer from the lack of episcopal leadership??

  2. Well if Mark Davies and Philip Egan's appointments are a sign of the future, things are about to change massively for the better!

  3. Is it not a sad commentary on out times that it should be regarded as news when a Bishop opposes abortion?