Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Which would you choose?

This coming Saturday, the Feast of the Seven Dolours of Our Lady, let us imagine, for one wild instant, that you are in or around London and have a choice of events that you could attend.

You are only allowed one choice from the following:-

1. Front row seat at a lecture on 'The Tablet and its place in Catholic Society' given by Dr Tina Beattie

2. Free place at a music workshop based on 'The Tibetan nose flute and its place in Catholic liturgy'

3. Mass in the Extraordinary Form at The London Oratory at 10.30am followed by a brief informal address by Fr Rupert McHardy, in turn followed by Catholic type refreshments at The Hourglass Pub, Brompton Road - feel free to join at any stage, it's the Guild of Blessed Titus assembly.

Decisions, decisions.............and if I was to impart a matter most secret and confidential to point 3 (in the strictest confidence)......it is that (among several other well known and highly respected priests from the UK and Singapore, even), the group will be joined by (whisper) Fr John Zuhlsdorf - hush!

That's Fr Z don't you know?

That's right....

Father Z!


  1. I agree, it's got to be Tina Beattie! ;-) ...I'm joking, I'm joking!!


  2. Will you be there Mark? (at the Oratory, not at Tina's bash).

  3. Say the black do the brick by brick Pope of Christian unity.

    There you are - you heard him (for millionth time). I'd slip off straight after Mass.

  4. Excellent - Fr Z got his air ticket! I shall skip Mass at Douai Abbey and head for the Oratory.

  5. To me there's nothing that says Western Civilization like a clown-balloon-puppet-mass and the nose-flute.


  6. At first I thought you were asking, which place would you go to "offer it up" and join in Our Lady's Sorrows! And then I saw option 3...

  7. Oh dang...I just can't decide. ;)

    Cheers friend - have a blessed Sunday.

    Jason @ AMC