Sunday, 23 September 2012

You know that you're a Catholic when you.....

  • Only have plainchant CDs in your car
  • Genuflect absent mindedly when taking your seat at the cinema
  • Bless yourself when the waiter places the finger bowl on your table
  • Have 'Faith of Our Fathers' as your ring tone
  • Crave to eat meat on Fridays
  • Plan your summer holiday around Latin Mass centres
  • Ask for a tomato juice with worcester sauce - never a 'Virgin Mary'
  • Are pleased at receiving a crucifix as a birthday present
  • Believe that the best use for 'The Tablet' is as shredded bedding for the pet rabbit 


  1. "Believe that the best use for 'The Tablet' is as shredded bedding for the pet rabbit"

    You are very cruel to rabbit!

  2. ..."when you start crying at Tuesday's OF psalm response, "We are His people, the sheep of His flock," because you suddenly realize you know upwards of three hundred people who would be great Catholics, if only they in the bowels of Christ would consider that they might be mistaken in their theology."

    Yes, I'm a recent convert, and that's the last time I go to Mass without a handkerchief.

  3. I have indeed genuflected absentmindedly at a wedding in a Protestant church.

    Poor rabbit, though. I have read THE TABLET, which is hardly more substantial than HONEY BOO-BOO. And I deeply regret the thirty seconds of that I saw.

    - Mack in Texas

  4. Bemused
    I have never, ever, ever heard a cocktail referred to as a virgin mary: it sounds like taunting to me.
    tomato juice, vodka, a W sauce as a Bloody mary , possibly, and even then, not much.
    I suppose Im a bit expat, but what have I missed, and where?
    Come to that, do you remember when the tablet was ultramontane?

  5. Mike - a VM cocktail is just a Bloody Mary minus the vodka.
    I first came across it many years ago in a Muslim country.
    I was offered one by a Head Waiter so I then asked him if he had a drink caled after the Prophet. "Of course not" he repied; "That would be offensive"....the rest is history. Richard

  6. Remedia - I might be more circumspect these days.....but, on second thoughts, no.

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