Saturday, 22 September 2012

Satire day posts

How to put some oomph in your *** life read the headline in a well known magazine for women (at the more pricey end of the market).

Now, I am not a reader of women's magazines, no really......OK, I do take a peek from time to time.

I found this headline rather out of character for this magazine (Woman and Home) and read on.....please, no more sniggers.

It seems that the way to a happier *** life is to create a little altar in the room (blimey O'Reilly thinks I, perhaps I have misjudged the women's press for all these years).

But, it turns out that the "altar" they are suggesting is what they call a "love altar". That is, one with scented candles and some fragrant blooms.

As we all know, for it to be a real love altar, you just need to add a crucifix.

Topless in Tahiti

It appears as if the Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton has achieved martyrdom status as a result of her being photographed in a topless state whilst on holiday in France.

The media are full of glowing praise for her fortitude and the fact that she carries on smiling and performing her rather patronising duties in the South Pacific.

But she has just returned from a country where going topless is the custom!

 Kate saw fit to carry on fully clothed.

I really cannot comprehend all of this and it just compounds my view that British royalty are a bunch of twits of the first water.

Hasn't she heard of the 'M' word? Modesty, that is.

And doesn't she appreciate that, in her position, she is going to be a target for the paparrazzi? For life?

I think that I am morphing into a republican.

And, finally..........

Just why don't the Bishops of England and Wales get off their backsides and complete the task that they are so keen to see accomplished?

An outright ban on Mass in the Extraordinary Form would be so much more honest than the snide scheduling of them on alternate months at 8pm in the evening at the most far flung parish in the Diocese.
And while they are at it, what about expelling any seminarian that is caught in possession of a Rosary?


  1. Easy, Richard! Remember that republicans-with-a-small-r behead people like you and me!

    -- Mack in Texas

  2. i agree Kate should have been Modest rather than thinking it is okay .And I am a Republican lookign forward to voting for the first President of the Commonwealth of Australia