Monday, 10 September 2012

If you are A) Catholic and B) a user of the new technologies.... might like to join the group meeting for Mass in the Extraordinary Form celebrated by Fr Rupert McHardy Cong., Orat. next Saturday, 15th September at the London Oratory, Seven Dolours Chapel at 10.30am.

                         Fr Rupert McHardy admitting Miss EF Griffiths 
                                                     to the light of Christ

And, afterwards, Fr McHardy will address the group before we retire for flagons of claret and roasted oxen (actually, more likely, a pint of bitter and some cheese and onion sandwiches).

This is the third official gathering of The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma, a most informal and friendly group of Catholics.

You will certainly meet some well known bloggers including A Reluctant Sinner, hopefully Mary O' Regan of A Path Less Taken, Fr Tim Finigan (who hopes to join us at some stage) we hope, pray and believe.....a certain American priest whose surname always ensures that he is the last to be called, in alphabetical terms.


  1. Great picture of Fr Rupert, Richard, you always seem to get great images to go with your posts, and the photo of dear Fr Thwaites, RIP, is also a treasure.

    See you all on Saturday! I am out of London, as I type this comment, finishing up research on an article. But I'll be back in good time for Saturday.


  2. Safe journey Mary. That picture was of my youngest grandaughter, Eva Florence (EF you see?)My daughter Finola is in the background. see you Saturday.