Friday, 7 September 2012

The pattern of tiny feet

In my last post I made mention of the fact that wearing a cross as an item of jewellery leaves me pretty unmoved really and Mulier Fortis pointed out in the comments box that a cross worn can often be the starting point of a conversation with a non believer.

Of course, Mac is right. But I think that all too often, a cross on a chain is nothing more than an item of jewellery and that I find, rather trivialises the sacrifice of the cross.

Remember the old story about the jeweller who is asked for a chain with a cross and replies:
"Do you want a plain one or one with the funny little man on?"

As Christians there are other means open to us to publicly display tenets of our Faith.

What could make a better conversation opener than the 'tiny feet' badge of the SPUC organisation?

Or, if your employer refuses to allow the Christian cross to be worn, why not sport a Union Flag or the flag of St Patrick, St David and, even, St George?


  1. Yup. I wear the feet too.

    (Btw, isn't it supposed to be "patter"?)

  2. Every year at Easter I used to shave a bloomin' great cross in the back of my head.

    Seriously. I did. And there wasn't an awful lot my employer go do about it!

  3. I wear a crucifix on a chain around my neck. I make no conscious decision to wear or not wear. I put it on on my confirmation day, and never took it off. I even shower with it on. It isn't jewellery. Jewellery and adornments are discretionary and discriminated choices to wear or not wear. My crucifix, blessed by a priest, isn't worn as an embellishment for my outfit. Sometimes it lands on top of my shirt, sometimes it is under my shirt. It is similar to wearing the brown scapular.


  4. Mac....I was being clever (ish) a play on words...geddit?
    Stuart - a great idea but not for the follicley challenged. Puff - sure but there are millions out there who wear it as a design statement, I wear two medals, but discreetly in case people think they are medallions and that I'm the oldest swinger in town.

  5. I wear the scapular. Unnoticed, known to God.

  6. How about the Medal of the Immaculate Conception?

    I would have suggested the Holy Rosary but ol' Beckham changed that into a fashion accessory...

  7. In my public-school classroom I displayed, among the other bits and pieces on the wall, a copy of a Byzantine Theotokos. Most people knew what it was, but since it wasn't in the Western artistic tradition it was non-threatening.

    It's a funny old world and no mistake, as Seaman Blake often says in IN WHICH WE SERVE.