Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Barnardo's and men dressed as nuns

Some of you will have noted my aversion to charity groups that dress as nuns, monks or, even, the Holy Father, in an attempt to raise a laugh and money at the same time.

I am, of course, a cynical curmudgeon for disliking seeing the Catholic Faith mocked in any form but, I am not in the Muslim league of declaring a fatwa against anyone who even looks slightly sideways at the prophet.

However, even my  cynicism was rocked somewhat when I discovered that the children's charity, Barnardo's,  (once for orphans, remember them?) actually orchestrates a massive 'nun run' as part of their annual drum bashing.

"Oh, it's only in lighthearted fun, don't be such twerp" - I can hear the liberal chorus as I write; but I don't think that it is fun, I think that it is mean spirited and liable to encourage the pouring of scorn on those who have dedicated their lives to God on our behalf.

As always, you never see a charity run that features Imams and Ayatollahs. Not that I would encourage that sort of thing but it would be good to see some parity of esteem, why should Muslims always be the neglected ones?

If organisations such as Barnardo's wish to be even handed, less sectarian, even, shouldn't they include a special 'Prophet' race?

What could possibly be stopping them I wonder?

If you wish to register a protest, Barnardo's email address is on their website HERE
Their CEO is Anne Marie Carrie.


  1. Contacted them Richard and asked for an explanation as to why they think it acceptable to make a mockery of Christianity. Keep up the good work.


  2. Thank you for drawing attention tothis matter. I have sent an email to Barnados marked for attention of CEO

  3. Thank you for drawing attention to this.

    Sadly, anti-Catholic bigotry is now so deeply embedded in this country that it's almost impossible for some people to imagine why this might be offensive. If they were demeaning the culture of Jews or black people then no one would give them the time of day, let alone their money, but Catholics are still seen as being a legitimate enemy.

    Obviously they shouldn't be including a "prophet" race either - not because Mahomet was a true prophet, but because in a tolerant, open-minded society this sort should be neither encouraged nor tolerated.

  4. Sadly, like so many other once-good organisations, Barnardos has been taken over by an anti-Christian, anti-marriage, anti-family, Marxist, Statist ideology. It is at the forefront of the radical leftwing agenda to attack the natural rights and authority of the family, in Ireland, by means of, inter alia, an amendment to the provisions of the Constitution relating to the natural family.

  5. I seem to remember a long ago reluctance on the part of Catholics to support Barnardo's. This was on the grounds that they were suspected, in the nineteenth
    century, of "collecting" Catholic orphans and converting them to Prodestantism.

  6. The following is an extract from the reply I received from Barnados

    "I am sorry to hear that you were offended by this event. The fun run took place a few years ago as part of the promotion for the show ‘Sister Act: The Musical”. It was not organised by Barnardo’s, but the organisers donated to us the money they raised on the day.
    I hope this explains what the event was for, and my apologies again if it caused any offence. This was obviously not our intention."

    Yours sincerely, Kate Mitchell

    Head of Events, Barnardo’s"

  7. I received an identical response.