Sunday, 15 July 2012

Just what is the deal regarding the Latin Mass?

Just in case any Bishop has forgotten what Summorum Pontificum stated, here is the great Cardinal Arinze spelling it out, slowly and logically as the Holy Father intended.

His Eminence also spells out what is wrong with the "add ons" to the Ordinary Form of Mass and states, quite clearly that they are not allowed, they are forbidden in fact.

So please, get on and encourage those of your priests who wish to learn how to celebrate Holy Mass as it was intended to be celebrated, and to do it! - Subito! 

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  1. There is a terrible and prideful and determined disobedience by neglect of duty in respect of SP/UE in most dioceses in Ireland - and I am not referring to where there is a lack of the necessary resources. There has been an obvious effort to avoid making the Traditional Rite of the Mass available to the Faithful by wilfully neglecting to inform them of the fact that it ought to be made available to them where practicable. I have waited in vain for a mention of Summorum Pontificum in what are generally not dissenting or at least not apparently dissenting parish and community churches for over five years - and with a heightened sense of the unlawful and unjust denial since the practical clarity of Universae Ecclesiae. We must continue to pray for Bishops who will - without fear, favour or dubious competing loyalties - do their duty in all matters of Faith an Morals (which actually constitutes a single Matter).