Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Deer Bishup Lang.....

......Further to yore recant ad for a Cheef Exicivite Exvetitite Officer, I shud like to appley for the job.

I think I am well quallefried for th job as I'm not what you wood corl a Romin Cafflick, in fact, I'm verry proud to be a pagan and have bin cheef worlock (aka Derek) of my grupe for the passed too yeers.

I haff also bin treshurer to my masonick lodge so I kno a bit about cash flo.

In addishun I am reely into leedership as I wus once secshun leeder of th young nazi club in Chipping Sodbury.

Orl in orl, I think I fitt ther job rarthur well and I cudd sertainly use the 65 big ones that com wiv it.

Luking fourwad to meeting yure most Steemed Holly Exellencyness


B.L. Zeebub

See Offerimus Tibi Domine and Fr Ray Blake  and (just seen it) Catholic and Loving It plus..............Laurence England


  1. Richard,
    I will second your nomination for the above post-I hope you will donate a proportion of your salary to me!



  2. Very interesting. I must read more of your blog.