Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Avalanche of books hits Pembrokeshire

Great Scott! I am overwhelmed with the kindness of people who responded to my call for guidance in choosing a few books for holiday reading.......the response has been so overwhelming that I do not know where to begin......so perhaps I should start by saying "Thank you all".

Don Camillo featured high on people's recommendations but, I may not have informed you, Dear Readers, that I hold a place in The Guinness Book of Records for the person who has read the Guareschi series cover to cover non stop for the past fifty years (I started very young).

Fathers Abberton and EF Pastor came up with some interesting ones, I am especially intrigued by the western novel from Fr A, many thanks.

Mack, Ttony, Seaninn, Anagnostis, Dylan Parry and Nancy L  came up with enough ideas to provide me with a good Christmas as well as summer holiday list, again, profuse thanks.

But the gold medal has to go to Seaninn for suggesting "The Dog", I have gone ahead and ordered it from Amazon, the silver medal goes to Fr Abberton for recommending St Agnes' Stand and the bronze (I'm getting into Olympic mode) goes to Anagnostis for his "Fludd" - sounds most intriguing.

Breadgirl made a very astute comment regarding the differences in book choices made by men and women; they've just got to be different.
 I think this is very true but cannot really fathom why it should be so. Most of my favourite authors are male, make of that what you will.

But, the diamond encrusted medal has to go to my Antipodean son who found a literary treasure somewhere south of Alice Springs and is sending it to me post haste.

Got to be a mystery read but, knowing Matthew, it will surprise and delight.


  1. Too late if you have already sent an order to Amazon, but a tip to all: look at www.abebooks.co.uk (in the UK or .com elsewhere)first. It links second hand booksellers so lets you both shop at and keep alive independent booksellers AND get your purchases online and through the post quickly. My copy of Fludd will get here for £2.02 (inc p&p) so it's a cheap option as well: win-win-win as they might say.

  2. Thanks Ttony, I normally use Abe, just got carried away!

  3. I should have mentioned that Amazon/Kindle has a great collection of GK Chesterton's books....for under £2

  4. You should get your hands on 'Cry, the Beloved Country' by Alan Paton.

    It's a nice read too..

  5. Thanks Remedia, I've added it to my list.