Monday, 30 July 2012

Amazing Grace - both of them

Last Sunday's Missa Cantata at St Benedict's Church, Sketty, Swansea was routinely much as usual.
Totally uplifting and joyous.

I could not find yesterday's Mass on Youtube,
 but here is another fine example of the Kyrie

The choir, (the Newcastle Emlyn Schola) though few in number, sang like forty angels on full amplification, thank you.

The newly refurbished church (another step closer to orthodoxy) was beautiful yet simple and the celebrant, Fr Jason Jones, sang the Mass pitch and tone perfect, but then, he is Welsh and his vocal chords are naturally engineered to fine tenor mode.

But it was the sermon given by Fr J that really made me wake up.

As I was serving on the altar, I was, along with the two other servers, behind the priest.
Now sound systems in churches do not take account of altar servers; they are all set at the top of the aisles and are pointed, of course, to the body of the church.

We poor souls on the sanctuary are left hearing only brief snatches of clear speech.

Nevertheless, straining to comprehend the homily, I did pick up the words "Grace" and "Actual" and Sanctifying".

I often harp on about modern Catholics who have forgotten the teachings of Holy Mother Church but there was I, suddenly in the same boat being reminded of two of our most vital elements that contribute to salvation.

In overall terms, as we all know, Grace is a supernatural gift of God that enables us to believe, without doubting, whatever God has revealed.

There are two types of Grace: Actual and Sanctifying.

Sanctifying grace is a supernatural gift which is a sharing in the nature of God Himself and which raises men to the supernatural order, conferring on them powers entirely above those proper to human nature.

Actual refers to Grace bestowed upon us by Almighty God in response to our prayers or actions (reception of the sacraments, acts of charity, novenas, pilgrimages, retreats etc).

Beyond that, from Father's homily, I could not go thanks to the loudspeaker system but it did jolt me into taking a fresh look at my own spiritual programme with a view to how I could increase the flow of Grace.

My main concern is just how much Grace is bestowed upon inept MCs with crumbling knee joints?

I think that merits a shedload of Grace but then, it is not up to me.

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