Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bishop Williamson and the savage art of backstabbing

Over the past twenty odd years, Bishop Williamson has spoken out on many subjects and, at times, there have been brief sound bites coming from him that have sounded so logical and reasonable that I have had to pinch myself back to the reality that this man is a scoundrel.

When the "excommunications" were first announced I  vividly recall his phraseology:
"They will remember the True Church when the tanks begin to roll across the border, when the fire and brimstone begins to fall, they will all remember the one true Church". 

That is a pretty fair approximation.

At the time (and it was a very dark time, for those of us in Wales it was SSPX or nothing) I thought Williamson was the voice of the turtle but, as it transpires, I was wrong.

He is the voice of the turncoat, the traitor. Yet, there is something in his style of speaking that, just for a fragment of a second, can mesmerise you and transport you to....the Lord knows where.

Hitler and Mussolini must have had this sort or oratory power; a power that could sweep you off your feet and lead you to perdition if you were not careful.

It is the sort of power that one might think of as having some more sinister force behind it.

A year or so ago I heard Bishop Williamson give a sermon at a Mass in Wimbledon and quietly walked out afterwards, it was repugnant to remain in the same room as the man.

And now, this Bishop has turned against his Superior, his leader of twenty one years standing. Here is a video of the Bishop in Hamlet like mode, apparently talking to himself.........

Do not be fooled by this apparent off the cuff soliloquy, it is carefully crafted, even to the extent of being filmed in simple kitchen like surroundings ("He's a straightforward fellow with the common touch" is the tack he's on).

This clip displays the Bishop at his very cinematic best: calm, slightly worried and saddened at the crack in the SSPX foundations and then.....he does the Brutus on a good and saintly man, Bishop Fellay.

I know that Bishop Fellay can be slow to take action against his own but it is truly time that he upturns the glass on Bishop Williamson and boots him out of the door. H/T to Fr Z.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Could I please ask for your prayers for Fr Patrick Keenan ODC., who is being operated upon for cancer. Fr Keenan now resides in Dublin but, some years ago, in Somerset, he received my wife into the Church for which I will be eternally grateful.


  1. Exactly right--especially the part about him having a mysterious siren-call power to his utterances. And you are right, it is diabolical. It is helpful to experience this and feel this mysterious pull. This is exactly what R.H. Benson ascribed to the antichrist, but in an immensely powerful faculty. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yup - it's useless to deny that the man is hugely charismatic, but he's always given me the creeps. There is nothing of the saints or the Fathers in his glib self-assurance, his sarcasm, his scathing mockery. These are what tells one all one needs to know.

  3. I remember hearing one of his first sermons just after his ordination when he spoke about his call to martyrdom. I thought he was a little eccentric at that time and probably quite harmless. Now I suspect he is suffering from some form of delusion and that he ought to be removed from his position and referred for a mental health assessment. I shall try to be charitable and pray for him and also pray that Bishop Fellay acts quickly before any further damage is done. I shall also remember Fr Keenan in my prayers. Have a good holiday Richard.

  4. Thank you Scott, good comment and you also Anagnostis.
    Introibo, we are as one and thanks for your prayers for Father Patrick.

  5. "...simple kichen like surroundings" - I wonder what Adolf's bunker looked like?

    Patrick Cannon

    1. Wow! that paints a picture in the mind

  6. Never listen to the Voice of Saruman...

    1. Hilarious....I laugh every time I read yr words

  7. Remedia, I had him down as Gollum.


    Bishop Richard Williamson mentions a conversation he had with Cardinal Ratzinger .The cardinal and bishop caved to the theory that we personally can see the dead in human form.

    Cardinal Ratzinger thought that 'Vatican Council II was Anti Syllabus', it contradicted the Syllabus of Errors. He mentions this on the video SSPX Archbishop Lefebvre and Rome Part 9. (6:15)

    Does Vatican Council II contradict the Syllabus of Errors condemned by Pope Pius IX ?

    There is no text in Vatican Council which contradicts the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus so there should be no text in the Council which will contradict the Syllabus of Errors .


  9. A crisp summary Scott, thank you, it is very well put. I also agree that he needs a mental health assesment. It seems he has always gone to extraordinary lengths to draw attention to himself...and like kids with the same problem, will say and do anything to get more. I don't think that he really believes what he stubbornly claims about the Holocaust. It's just the most attention-getting topic on this planet - and he set up the interview to coincide with the lifting of the excommunications, which he must have known about.