Sunday, 4 March 2012

A glimpse of what is to come

I was going to post on the implications of the Transfiguration but, Father Shelton has produced a post that is streets ahead of anything that I could say.

I would only add that many, if not all of us, will have seen signs of how Christ can transfigure us (just as Moses, after speaking with God, had to veil his face, so great was the reflected light from God on his countenance). A priest friend has forwarded a quote of Archbishop Sheen's which says it all:

  "Beauty of the face is only skin deep whereas beauty of the soul shines in the face"

Many priests and nuns, especially from the enclosed orders, have an imprint of such inner spirituality that actually is revealed in their face and in their nature or personality. So much so that they "glow" with holiness.

How much greater will that transformation be when, with God's good grace, we ascend to Heaven? Click HERE

Mount Thabor - the image completes the picture
in our mind

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