Tuesday, 20 March 2012

40 Days under attack

Flying at 37,000 feet en route to Australia I clicked onto the news channel only to find that the main report was on the 'aggresive' tactics of the 40 Days for Life campaigners outside the BPAS abortuary in Bedford Square.

It is a sure sign that those who carry out this hideous practice are getting nettled and are starting to make weird and outlandish claims.
I have prayed with this group at this place and always found them to be wonderfully restrained and occupied in either prayer or in making very singular counselling invitations.

They would be the last people on earth to show 'aggression'. But it did my heart good to read about Robert Colquhoun and the others who were taking on this challenge and bringing it to where it is needed most.

And now, my good friend, Piers Darcy, informs me that Bishop Alan Hopes who will take part in one of the sessions on 30th March, has been subjected to a media attack for his pains.

Please contact him and offer him your support and prayers, we need more Bishops like him who are not afraid to get stuck in. his email is on www.rcdow.org.uk - for some reason I cannot open it, but please send him an email.

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  1. Will try. Am very much in favour of the Church Militant, as I guess you know.

    Have a great time in Australia and God bless!