Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hugs and kisses but nothing Catholic

Another Catholic School, St Mary's College in Hull (isn't that Preece country?), I hope he doesn't mind a softie southerner trampling over his patch.

St Mary's bills itself as a Catholic International Sports College but I'll bet you that while it may be international and it may be sporty, it is not, in my book, Catholic.

No signs of faith on the website opening pages and I really cannot be bothered to search through the small print looking for the odd reference to the Faith but their chaplaincy page is a bit of a hoot, they dismiss with the concept of a priest being a chaplain and move to a lay person taking on the role and leading the liturgy.

Here is how they describe the role:

For some reason this refuses to transpose. I have re-typed it but it disappears as soon as the publish button is clicked.

I don't have time to correct it at present, my apologies, I will try and rectify it and re-post in  a day or two.


  1. Richard - this post just stops!

  2. Perhaps he's had to take strong drink before posting the rest.

  3. HELLO! Is there anybody there?

  4. Apologies all, I think I am suffering an attack from you know who.....this copy just disappears when I try to save it.
    I will re-post it in a day or two, it's such awful copy it just has to be read, but keep a bucket and some smelling salts handy.

  5. "I'll be judge, I'll be jury, said cunning old fury" lewis carol
    Also similarly, the magic puddin
    "To win your case, and save your pelf, Why, try the blooming case yourself!" "As usual, our friend here solves the problem in a few well−chosen words," said Bill,

    DIY clergy.

  6. Is this it?

    "Chaplains have played an active part in the life of Catholic Schools for many years. Traditionally the Chaplain has been a priest who has celebrated Mass and carried out priestly duties under the code of canon law.

    "At St Mary's we have a lay chaplain, Hannah, whose background is in youth work. Hannah fills a pivotal role in the life of our school through ensuring that the Chaplaincy mission is at the heart of everything we do, through encouraging our students to get involved in exploring their faith by leading liturgies, running the fair trade tuck shop and peer mentoring. Hannah also supports the pastoral care of our students and liaises with our family of schools and parishes.

    "We believe Chaplaincy is about walking alongside people, building relationships, being present for people and being a presence around school. It is about accompanying and supporting the school community and individuals within in it on their life journey, wherever it may take them."

    The copy disappearing when you try to post might be seen as a metaphor for solid Catholic teaching at this joint.

  7. Genty - spot on! You shot my fox but it is stomach wrenching stuff is it not?
    I feel in need of a warm hug and a mug of milk and water.
    Thanks for your good wishes, I'm off now.


  8. Get of my land!!! - Not only is it Preece country, but it's Preece's old school. They don't have Connexions any more but only because the money ran out.


    "It is unlawful for the non-ordained faithful to assume titles such as "pastor", "chaplain", "coordinator", " moderator" or other such similar titles which can confuse their role and that of the Pastor, who is always a Bishop or Priest."

  9. James, I guess it must have changed a lot over the past 30 years!
    This chaplain malarkey seems to be widespread, quite worrying.