Thursday, 6 March 2014

Holy Father 'Mugged'

Let's hope Pope Francis takes the hint

My thanks go to Dom Antony Tumelty for his suggestion that I send a complimentary ‘Keep calm and go to the Latin Mass’ mug to Pope Francis.

Of course, it would have been nice if His Holiness had got on the old blower and asked me personally, but then, you can’t have everything.
So, I shall despatch the mug, free, gratis and for nothing in the hopes that, now you know that the Pope has one, you will wish to order one (or six) for yourself and your priest friends.

What a wonderful Lenten opportunity to fulfil the ‘alsmgiving’ requirement this presents.

Just to remind you that the mugs cost £10 plus £4 postage and packing. The proceeds go towards a fund to send young Menevians on the Chartres Pilgrimage this year.

It is, I hope you will agree, a mugnificent offer (aaargh!)
 So far mugs have been ordered from places such as Canada, the USA, Ireland and Llandewi Brefi……overseas postage costs amount to £7.20 so please – don’t hold back.
Just email me on and I will let you have my address so that you may send me some folding money – simple!



  1. Richard dear, you're repeating yourself. Chloe xxxx

    1. Chloe, I know, it happens more and more these days. It happens more and more.....!

    2. Chloe, meant to say thank you....God bless.

  2. Has Father Anthony got one? If not .....