Friday, 21 March 2014

A nun with a golden voice?

Men are like Wine has a post regarding an Italian nun who performed on a television show, Italy's version of 'The Voice'.

You may see the link HERE

I actually do not see anything of merit in a nun singing a secular song and cavorting around a stage.
It just doesn't look or sound right to me.

Yet, many moons ago, a French Dominican nun made it to the top of the pop charts with a song called 'Dominique'. A shade more demure than Men are like Wine's nun but, a pop song nevertheless.


And here are the 'modern' Dominicans...


So, a question.

Which do you prefer?

A) Men are Like Wine (The Voice)
 B) 1960s Dominican nun  (Dominique)
C) Dominican nuns (joyful habit)

Answers in the comment box please (and if Petrus' choice comes out top I'll buy him a pint of Reverend James - after Lent, of course)


  1. It's sad to see a nun conforming to the false secular trends and acting like a child who is enthralled by the competition. It looks like the nun has been converted to the empty materialist values of the programme.

  2. Am I allowed to say my own personal favourite is option C?

    1. Petrus, of course you are allowed....I may still have to buy you a pint though.

    2. Option C by a mile! I think the Italian nun is taking rather too literally the mandate to smell like the sheep. I wonder what they sing in her convent.

  3. Since women having a religious vocation become the Brides of Christ, I find singing secular songs, that usually have some form of love in its lyrics, distasteful.
    OTOH the Benedictine Nuns of Ephesus also have this gift of music, but use theirs in praise of the Bridegroom:
    I didn't dislike 'Dominique' - but then it wasn't a secular song!

  4. For style the nuns in "The Sound of Music" are hard to beat!

  5. Option C. The Italian nun on The Voice, it just seemed wrong.

  6. I can't cope with Soeur Sourire, given the tragic way she ended up.

  7. did Jesus not say, and I paraphrase, "we played, and you did not dance; we played and you did not sing"? where does it say it was liturgical song and dance that He was talking about?

  8. Option C. I hope this doesn't inspire some of our pop singers to come
    out on stage dressed as nuns. (Or has that already happened? I'm so out of the loop on these things, I'm afraid.)

  9. I have to admit that I did love the song 'Dominique' when it came out and it did tell the story of St Dominic. I was sad to learn of the nun's tragic end - she was obviously a very troubled soul who was unable to cope with the fame. Incidentally she was Belgian and not French.