Saturday, 15 March 2014

Yet more advances on the twelve headlines

           "To refrain from inserting leaflets that oppose Catholic teaching"
                   Mantilla twitch to Momangelica on FB

Following yesterday's post on the 12 best Catholic headlines that one could wish for, a number of kind people have added, as per the invitation, to the list.

So, here it is again but with the addition of their desired Catholic headline in red:

1. "The Tablet goes into liquidation"

2. "Pope Francis requests that all parishes provide an EF Mass each Sunday"

3."English and Welsh Bishops exclude ACTA from church premises"

5. "Bishop Fellay leads the SSPX back to the fold"

6. "Richard Dawkins converts to the Catholic Faith"

7. "Welsh National Shrine of Our Lady of Cardigan appointed as an annual pilgrimage venue for traditional Catholics"

8. "Cardinal Raymond Burke appointed as Cardinal Prefect to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith"

9. "Pope to consecrate Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary"

10. "Archbishop Fulton Sheen to be canonised"

11. "British Bishop jailed for opposing Same Sex "Marriage" teaching in Catholic schools"

12. "Bishops ban standing and reception by hand for communicants"

13. Bishops tells bloggers: "Go for it" (Genty)

14. "Tablet crushed"  (Pelerin)

15. "Eastern Orthodox and Roman Churches unite once more" (Manny)

16. "Cardinal Burke tipped for next Pope" (Chloe)

17. Pope's sense of humour, claims to have "only been kidding" in the last year (Viterbo)

18. Bishop freed after jail term - appointed as Papal Nuncio to Australia (Gervase Crouchback)

19. Tablet to become "Catholic" once more, editor asks for forgiveness and undertakes a year of penance! (Petrus)

20. Jihadists sorry for massacres of Christians - vow to act peacefully from now on (Kathleen)

21. Pope Pious XII canonisation to be immediate! (Treasa)

22. Bishop Conry appointed to See of Tora Bora (Petrus)

and one more from me.......

23. Cardinal Nichols pulls plug on 'Gay Masses'


  1. "16. "Cardinal Burke tipped for next Pope" (Chloe)


  2. Surely some headline mentioning our Christian brothers and sisters suffering such cruel and brutal persecution at the hands of militant Islam would be in order? Torture and martyrdom are daily occurrences in many countries in Africa and Asia at the (foul) hands of Islam.
    How about:
    "Jihadists repent from their ongoing evil and murderous persecution of Christians and announce an end to the violence."

    Sadly that will never be anything more than wishful thinking.


    1. Kathleen, absolutely right, I shall add your suggestion.

  3. Bishop Conry appointed to see of Tora Bora

  4. Got issue with no. 5. Richard.
    The Fold ARE SSPX ,all outside are 'duped' into thinking they are on The Barque of Peter.
    Wish list: Fellay to be made Pope. That would put the church in order in a trice.