Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bishop bans OF Mass at Catholic University

ACTA members to fast from Wincarnis in protest
An increase in liberal activities such as dancing on the sanctuary, singing banal hymns and priests at Mass dressing up as clowns, has prompted the Bishop of Llandewi Brefi to write to the Vice Chancellor of The Paul Inwood Institute for Hymnal Education, informing him that all Masses in the Ordinary Form are banned until further notice.

"In future" wrote the Bishop: "All Masses will now be in Latin in accord with the 1962 missal and priests are specifically forbidden to wear any clown outfits or similar whilst celebrating Mass.
All students must abide by a vow of silence in church and all must genuflect upon entering and leaving their pew and reception of Holy Communion must be by mouth and kneeling"

This has caused a stir in the liberal camp and several mature student members of ACTA burst into tears while others, stamped their feet and smashed up their zimmer frames in protest.

"We are not going to take this lying down" claimed ACTA President Ms Grunty O'Troffe.
"We shall be fasting from Wincarnis and Complan until such time as the Bishop comes to his senses and restores Mass in the Ordinary Form"


  1. Llandewi Brefi - I expect you are the "only traddy" in the village though. It could have been worse..

  2. Yes, all those goshdarned OF folk with their clown masses, tamberines. I wish I was as holy and guaranteed of heaven as those superior beings who go to TLM. Excuse the bile, but it does get a bit much sometimes!

  3. JB, I don't think anyone who loves the TLM would regard themselves as it a case of you feeling inferior?

  4. Instead of indult mass back when, it should simply have been Adult Mass.

    Mass 1 - recommended for those over 15, children may attend with adult accompanying. missal booklets and hymnals provided

    Mass 2 - recommended for ages 3 - 10, no supervision required; 3D glasses for the overheads, crayons, toys, and free web access provided for bored or embarrassed adults.

  5. What is the source of this information? Llanddewi Brefi appears to be a community of 500 people in Wales, and I can't find a bishop. Google search doesn't even show "The Paul Inwood Institute".

    This smells of satire...

  6. Of course it's satire. I don't think there's a bishop on earth that would publicly "ban" the novus ordo in favor for the TLM.
    That might actually be beneficial for the faithful (lex orandi , lex credendi).
    That kind of thing is frowned upon in the newchurch.

  7. Yes, it is an irony in itself that no one seems to have a problem with the common practice of bishops banning the TLM for 'disciplinary reasons' but never banning the OF mass for 'disciplinary reasons'. Which form of the mass is more prone to abuse? Which form of the mass seems to encourage constant 'innovation'?

    Bishops could learn a lot from Mothers.

    Normally when a Mother disciplines her child, it is because the child can't be trusted with some privilege. A teen stays out too late with the car, they get the keys taken away and must walk or ride their bike, a child is watching R rated movies on the TV in their bedroom, the TV is taken away, they must read a book or play games, children fight over a toy, the toy is taken away. In each of these cases, the privilege is taken away and they must go back to whatever it replaced such as a bike for transportation, a book for entertainment, their old toy for playing. Yet when was the TLM abused, used for evil purpose, etc. Never. When was the 'privilege' the OF mass abused, even used for sacrilegious purposes, often.

    To me it appears a good parent would only allow the OF when the child was respectful and obedient in its use. Instead it seems that as the OF is abused, the abuse is then allowed, and no discipline ever occurs.

    It started out, basically, a vernacular version of the TLM mass. Then priests started allowing communion standing against the rubrics, instead of disciplining, they allowed it, then communion in the hand, then girl Altar 'Boys', etc.

    I don't know but I think most of the Bishops need to ask their mothers about how you handle undisciplined children.