Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The wrong reform of the reform....

Is this the finish? Have the snakes won?
A brief dialogue with a friend on Facebook brought me up short.

He stated that, for him, the 'brick by brick' approach was over.

And I agree with him.
It's just that I think that I have been ignoring the fact.
 Blocking out what is taking place in the Catholic Church at present. Not wishing to think the unthinkable.

In truth, I think the 'brick by brick' aspiration was over on 13th March 2013.

Dead in the water and, if we keep thinking that this is just a lull, we are deluding ourselves.

I state this not with any degree of pessimism; we've been here before in 1988 and the dreary years that followed.

Our curate in 1989 told all our fellow parishioners that we were heretics, just because we attended the Latin Mass.

Archbishop Ward of Cardiff Archdiocese proclaimed traditionalists as being "neo heretics"

My own Bishop wrote to me telling me that I was on the road to perdition...yes, really.

The bishops, in the early 90s were having a field one to hold them to account...they could ALL be mini popes tucked away in their rather unhumble houses and apartments and, as a man they all took it upon themselves to make life hard and cold for Catholics who wanted nothing more than to attend a Tridentine Latin Mass and bring their children up with some chance of them keeping the Faith, rather than throw them to the wolves of the Catholic Education system.

And now, we are back to square one.

Thankfully, we have one or two Bishops who at present are fighting our corner for us in England and Wales, but for how much longer?

The video clip below is appalling, it shows what an increasing number of Catholics expect from the Church and are beginning to demand from their Bishops who, no doubt, being men of putty, will bend to their demands.

This is the modernist vision of the reform of the reform.

People power. Faith and morals out of the window.

Keep a bucket handy when you watch it - oh, and there's a particularly beautiful hymn at the end.

That hymn says it all really.


  1. Appalling, yes, but only 1 'like' vote out of 1,212 views!

    1. True, Delia, I had not spotted that (I had my head in the bucket).

  2. An intrinsically dishonest video in purporting to show randomly chosen (so-called) Catholics. And just look at that meddling old cardinal. He's everywhere, isn't he? I'm afraid that having secured a red hat for our newest cardinal, with a seat at the Cong. for Bishops, it will be payback time. I quite expect certain names to be raised to the episcopate and they won't be the likes of Davies and Egan.
    God forbid we should return to the days when the only TLM to be found in London was in a room at the Great Eastern Hotel.

  3. Richard,
    Maybe this is once again, a case of: "History Repeating It's Self"! If so, back to the Catacombs we go,then surely, The Three Days Of Darkness and the Chastiment can't be far off too!



  4. What does not exist cannot be permitted. The use of the Vetus Ordo was permitted, by Pius VI, Jean Paul II and, of course, Benedict XVI. The restrictions on the FFI are just that, indicating it exists. Therefore, the Vetus Ordo was never abrogated.

    Liturgy is subject to law, but laws must be, in line with natural law, justice and”positive Divine law to which canon law and ecclesiastic jurisprudence “, must conform. This what Benedict meant when he said “what earlier generations held as sacred” etc. Therefore, the Vetus Ordo cannot be abrogated.

    Quo Primum has the structure and intent of a binding document, “in perpetuity”. This did not refer to prayers and Feasts such as the Assumption (1950), but to the Lex Orandi of the Catholic Mass since before St Gregory the Great, the theological essence or Continuity. Therefore, the Vetus Ordo continues as a Normative Mass of the Western Catholic Church.

    I think the answer lies with the traditional orders, and with the growing number of priests who say both the Vetus Ordo and the Pauline Mass.

  5. Appalling indeed and as for that ditty at the end it reminded me of Sesame Street!

  6. oh dear. Mr Linen - I can never get those three minutes of my life back.

    l think Pelerin hit the nail on the head - there is a schism and it's not the SSPX - it's the Sesame Street Church of puppets and the weirdos hiding behind the puppets. we need to have a list of Churches for adults. this juvenile stuff cannot stand the glare of adult scrutiny.

  7. These people are, quite simply, not Catholic.

  8. Richard, do not give up hope. Our Cardinal Pell, now appointed to Rome, a few months ago secured our Traditional community as a Parish of Sydney Diocese. The chapel of Maternal Heart of Mary at Lewisham is now a parish under the FSSP. Ok it is tucked away off the main street - it was the chapel for the sisters who once ran a hospital there - but the congregation is growing, just as it is everywhere else, with bright. intelligent young people. Deo gratias. Treasa.